Customers Look to Packaging and Design for Emotional Product Cues

Business owners rarely consider how customers feel when using their products. After all, it seems much more useful to consider all the logical uses a customer has for your product. However, many times, we make purchasing decisions based on what we want, rather than what we need. It becomes an emotional experience, which can alter our shopping behaviors immensely.

Every customer knows that, more often than not, the products they most enjoy purchasing, or need, are available practically anywhere. You may have a favorite brand of batteries but batteries are not a rare product to find. You can purchase them anywhere from a gas station to a department store.

The same scenario occurs with food. Any food product you like shopping for can be purchased for half the price at half the distance and in half the time. Packaging and design, however, makes customers feel a certain way, which influences their emotions and ultimately, their purchasing behavior.

What Message Does Your Packaging and Design Send?

A plain cardboard box is utilitarian, but it does not evoke much of an emotional connection from your customers. When you look at Apple’s packaging and design, probably the first thing you notice is its white exterior, with the thin, elegant, black lines of Apple’s logo. When you purchase McDonald’s to go, look at their brown paper packaging. They list all of their accomplishments and philanthropy on their bags for a reason. Each company is trying to make the customer feel good about themselves, which the customer will subconsciously connect to their products.

Most people who purchase Apple products want to feel luxurious, or simply want the “best” in personal electronics. Many people who purchase McDonald’s are looking for tasty fast food. The fact that McDonald’s sponsors local and international athletes, for example, makes customers swell with patriotism. Happy workers are loyal workers and happy customers and loyal customers.

When thinking about your packaging and design, think about the message you are sending. Are you sending a feeling of luxury to your customers like Apple is doing? Are you sending a feeling of community involvement and pride like McDonald’s? What message does your packaging send?

To find out, look at the packaging and design of your competition. More importantly, consider how you feel when looking at their products, pretending you are a customer of theirs for a second. Is there a certain color palate that is used? Are their certain design features of the product that are advertised on the packaging? Does their packaging and design make you want to purchase their products? You need to consider why your competitors are successful, and then look at your own packaging to ensure your product evokes the same emotional reaction from customers.

In addition, consider the message you are sending to your customers. Consider how you want them to feel when they see your product in stores, or when they take your product home. Consider using bright colors if you want your customers to feel chipper or happy. Use dark, bold colors with light streaks if your products are futuristic and technological. Highlight the aspects of your product that are truly unique, while keeping in mind the specific trends in your industry, as well as those highlighted by your competition.

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