Customers Will Love Corrugated Boxes This St. Valentine's Day

St. Valentine’s Day is coming up and small business owners will be expected increased traffic in their stores and increased business from their customers. Customers will be going to their favorite stores for that perfect gift for that perfect someone. However, not all customers are able to go to their favorite stores or the mall. While you may think a fancy, incredibly detailed box may be perfect to ship your items to customers, using simple yet effective corrugated boxes will be much more appreciated by them. Here are three reasons why.

Shipping Problems with Non-Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are widely appreciated by a majority of small business owners due to their simple shape and effectiveness in protecting their contents from exterior damage while in transit. Due to their popularity and properties, they are easier for individuals and companies to ship, no matter how far the distance, unlike other non-conventional box shapes.

If you ship items in oddly-shaped packages, they may be too large or too wide to be shipped, a problem that is easily avoided if using standard corrugated boxes. As a result of oddly-shaped packaging, the company has to ship items at a higher cost to the customer, leaving both dissatisfied. Small business owners take great care of their customers and truly wish them the best, but shipping rates are shipping rates and are fixed for a reason. Save your customers money this St. Valentine’s Day and recommend they choose corrugated boxes to ship their items.

Corrugated Boxes Work Because They Are Simple

Corrugated boxes are not much to look at, but that is not the reason a majority of small businesses use them. They are non-descript, brown, cardboard boxes, but their effectiveness lies in their simplicity. It is easy to stack and store flattened corrugated boxes in the storeroom, you can order them in bulk and save money, and they are easier to transport because the weight of their contents is spread out and not isolated to a single area of the box. Compared to oddly-shaped box alternatives, corrugated boxes are much better for small business to use.

Customers also find corrugated boxes easier to handle when transporting purchases. You can stack them in your car or in a corner of your house. Once the items are removed, they can flatten and stack the boxes to reuse. They can also be used to store other items. Due to their immense versatility, customers love to use and receive corrugated boxes.

The Plainer the Box, the Bigger the Surprise

Since St. Valentine’s Day today is about purchasing that perfect gift for that perfect someone, using any type of box that is not plain may ruin the surprise. This is one of the benefits of using corrugated boxes when customers do their holiday shopping. Customers will love the fact they can surprise their family and friends by transporting and presenting their gifts in plain brown boxes. It will keep their special someone guessing up to the last second they open the box.

Even if you feel that corrugated boxes are too plain, this is actually just another benefit of using such packaging. With glamorous, flashy boxes, you cannot remove any descriptive information that will ruin the surprise your special someone gets. They will know immediately what you got them. However, with a plain, brown corrugated box, you can add stickers and labels, and any form of flashy artistic add-ons like glitter. Corrugated boxes are ultimately the most alterable form of box customers can get.

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