Customize Your Point of Purchase Displays to Look Like Your Products

Practically every entrepreneur or small business owner has a favorite area of business they specialize in and focus on. However, as easy and simple as advertising and marketing may seem, you should always strive to outdo the competition. One way to do this is to install displays in your store that either reflects the inventory you stock, or the common themes present in your store.

Doing so will make your displays appeal more to your customers, and will help increase the effectiveness of the displays. You can use these displays, which will be loaded with, and showcasing, select goods and services from your inventory, to sell more products.

Standard point of purchase displays just look like a bunch of cardboard shelves. While this basic formation is prominent in many different stores, if you want to really have your displays stand out, you need to customize them. Your point of purchase displays should reflect your store, whether it reflects the store’s culture, your goods and services, or even just a common theme present there. Doing so will make your displays feel more natural in your store, blending into the general design template, which your customers will notice.

Here are two ways you can customize your displays to generate the maximum customer attention possible, while still having your displays look like a natural fixture in your store.

Make Your Displays Look Like Products

Making your displays look like your products is a bit more intensive a project, since you will have to configure the display shapes to reflect the shapes of your products accurately. This may be an issue if you sell small, wide items like laptops and you want to create a display of a laptop. In such a scenario, your displays would be short and squat. While such a display is great if you want it to appeal to kids and teens, this display will be too short for most adults. However, it can still be done.

If you feel like no products are best represented by a display, you can always create a mascot for your store or business and turn your mascot into a display that will showcase products while also greeting customers to the store.

Make Your Displays Look Like a Common Theme

A common theme that many entrepreneurs and small business owners use is the use of store brand colors. If your store features colors prominently, use them in your displays. How you use these colors is not as important, as simply using the colors themselves will brighten up your displays and help them conform to your store’s themes.

Many popular stores and businesses use common branding colors for their themes. National American sports associations like the MBA, NBA, and NFL have teams who use the combination of red, white, and blue to reflect their national identities since most of the teams in these leagues are American. Facebook’s colors are blue and white. Apple’s colors are currently white and black. Target’s colors are red and white.

Colors are a great common theme that you can easily utilize in your displays. For the most part, you are only limited by your imagination as displays can be customized to look unique. They can be produced to reflect any vision you have for them.

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