Designing Corrugated Boxes that are Environmentally Friendly

Brown Packaging is a corrugated packaging company established in 1979 that has earned a reputation for providing great service to our customers and offering the highest quality products. Brown Packaging is proud to say that with efficient equipment and professional staff we are able to cater to all of our customers’ needs.

At Brown Packaging you can find a variety of corrugated boxes. We work hard to offer boxes in a range of different sizes and styles. Our customers can decide the dimension by given in a sequence of length, width and depth. The dimensions of a box are described based on the opening of an assembled box, which can be located on the top or the side.

The Different Board Types of Corrugated Boxes

  • Single face
  • Single wall
  • Double wall
  • Triple wall

We have earned a reputation in the industry for creative corrugated boxes design. At Brown Packaging, our goal is to produce high quality eco-friendly products. Every business that works with corrugated boxes has the obligation to help take care of the environment. Our paper-based packaging is an environmentally friendly solution to display your products and/or protect them during shipping.

The most important aspect of our corrugated boxes is the use of as much recycled content as possible. We focus on minimizing the carbon footprint of all the corrugated boxes that we design. We take care that our paper supplier adheres to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative or the Forestry Stewardship Council guidelines. We also feel that it is very important to invest money in initiatives and equipment to further reduce the ecological effect of the material of our corrugated boxes. And lastly but not least, Brown Packaging supports organizations like PPEC that are training to help make a difference and lobby governments to make the right decisions.

For over 30 years Brown Packaging has been providing innovative packaging solutions by understanding our customers' needs. We serve in Burlington, The Golden Horseshoe, Ontario and the GTA.