Desired Results in Packaging and Design

Packaging and design is often just as significant as the product it houses as it’s the first impression that entices the end user to purchase. From your brand identification to product functionality, all messages lead towards solidifying a reputation in the marketplace. All aspects of packaging must be considered for success; message effectiveness, visual appeal, brand awareness, item integrity within the packaging, cost, and so on. Many new products launched into the market rely on effective packaging and design to achieve sales goals. Sometimes an existing product requires a packaging ‘face lift’ and new design image to maintain or increase desired sales revenues in a competitive environment. Regardless of your needs, the team at Brown Packaging can assist you in achieving the results you seek.

Manufacturing Your Vision

Bring us your vision and the item/s you require packaging for, and allow our team of experienced designers and production professionals to craft a working prototype for you. As a popular packaging and design manufacturer in Ontario, all it takes is your requirements and imagination coupled with our talent and innovation to co-create optimal design and packaging of your product to maximize the potential for success.

Corrugated Preference

We’re finding more than ever before, preference is being given to corrugate product packaging over excessive use of plastics. Backed by consumer demand and standards, many of our customers are revamping their product packaging to include more corrugate these days. The versatile recyclability component of corrugate packaging alone makes it a more attractive choice for end users, and the cost effective aspect is favoured more often by our customer’s efficient business decisions. It makes good sense to dollars to consider Brown Packaging a front runner in assisting you with the packaging and retailing of your products.

Your Packaging and Design Team

It excites us when customers approach us with their intended business goals. We are honoured to take part in the success of each and every SKU we’ve designed and created packaging for. From structural packaging components to vibrantly effective graphic design, we go the distance to maximize potential and create an optimal product of best value to house your products. There’s no one at Brown Packaging that is too shy to point out any area where our customers can benefit or save. We speak up if there’s a better or more efficient way to make improvements and extend cost savings to a customer. When you take on Brown Packaging as a supplier, we work as a team to co-create your success with you. Our customer service is second to none thanks to all the awesome people we proudly employ, from sales rep and design teams to production line and transportation, our customer success and satisfaction is purely ours, and we often outshine our customer’s expectations. Visit us online to discover more about Brown Packaging.

Achieving Goals in Ontario

If you’re in the GTA, Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe or across Ontario, and have a product or even several SKUs that require best value in effective packaging and design, give us a call at Brown Packaging. We employ the finest talent, technology, innovation and high standards required to be a leader in our field. Your goals are the achievements we’re striving for with every product we create to house and sell your products. We look forward to hearing about, and participating in, your vision for success.