Don't Let Complicated Packaging and Design Overshadow Your Product

You see it everyday with companies, no matter the size or industry. The packaging and design is cooler than their products. While this certainly grabs people’s attention, it is better to have simplistic packaging and design that compliments your products, not competes with them. If you have fancy and alluring packaging and design that overshadows your products, you may find your customers lose interest in the products you want to sell.

Therefore, it is better to have simplistic, yet effective packaging and design that helps your product become more recognizable, yet does not supersede it. Here are four ways you can do this.

Use a Minimalistic Design

Your packaging and design does not need to blank but it should be minimalistic. This way, it will not overshadow your products. If you feel the design is too sparse, you can always add illustrations and other details later, but it is always much harder to take things out instead of adding them in. Your minimalistic design will compliment your products and your store, signalling first and foremost that the product is what matters, not the packaging and design it is shipped or delivered in.

Only Include Essential Information

Unless you are a big company like McDonald’s, who plasters their paper bags, cups, food wrapping, and more with inspirational quotes, Coca Cola symbols, and more, it is best to only include the essential information on your packaging and design. The best information to consider on simplistic packaging and design are your company name, your address and contact details, and the product’s name.

Any more information that you want to include should be necessary to either the product or your brand, or it should not be included. One example would be a one sentence quote that sums up your business’s philosophy, for instance.

Understand the Power of Color Perception

When creating your packaging and design or improving it, it is essential to understand the power that colors have on customers’ perceptions. If you have white packaging, it will look sleek and nice but it can be stained easily. Nothing looks worse for a new product than a stained package. Red is a power color, which may be useful if you are selling ties, but not so much if you are selling water bottles. Blue would be a better color for a water bottle supply color because that is the first color most people associate with water.

The key to finding a great color is to find a color that compliments your products. Then, find out customer reactions by beta-testing your new packaging and design and seeing how your customers react before ordering your new and improved packaging in bulk. There is no rush. It is better to beta-test your designs rather than make rushed judgment, which can harm your image or sales potential.

Don't Waste Interior Space in Your Packaging and Design

Your packaging and design should fit your products like a glove. Wasted space can mean added shipping costs, if your products are rated and shipped by size. It also means your products will rattle while in their packaging during transit, and they can be scuffed, be crushed, or break before arriving to your customers’ doors. When your customers open your product’s packaging, they do not want to see wasted space, nor do they want to deal with crumpled up newspaper or styrofoam packing peanuts.

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