Drive Sales with Point of Purchase Displays

What makes a sale? Is it a 50:50 effort by both the seller and the buyer? What can you do if you are unsure what a customer is thinking of in regards to your products? Do customers enter your store wanting to purchase specific products? Is there a way for you to convince customers to purchase specific products, even products that they may not be thinking of in the moment?

The answers to these questions will vary depending on your business and the inventory that you sell. However, in general, it is possible to control the sales process to drive sales, whether the customer is aware of it or not.

No, this is not hypnosis. No one is getting tricked. Instead, you are simply using a corrugated cardboard display to obtain and retain your customers’ attention. That is all.

 One of the best ways to do this is to use a POP display, (POP stands for “point of purchase”) in order to highlight items that you want customers to purchase. If the items you stock your displays with are common or popular, they will sell better.

The Logic Behind Point of Purchase Displays

POP displays put selected inventory front and center of your customers. These displays are placed in convenient locations throughout your store where it is impossible to ignore them. Think corners, near the checkout, and near the fitting rooms. After all, the key to using POP display is to garner attention for specific inventory that you may want to sell for whatever reason. To this end, these displays are great for promoting underselling or underwhelming merchandise that you really want to sell, and sell fast.

Here is a scenario to help you picture this.

You are the owner of a clothing store. You only have a few months before spring arrives. However, you still have a few selections from your fall collection still on your shelves. Using a POP display, you can promote a sale for the upcoming fall, using last fall’s unsold clothing. If you place this display near the fitting rooms, where customers will go anyways to try on clothing, you will be more likely to move this merchandise.

More customers will try on the clothing. If the clothing is appropriately-prices based on your business model, it will be sold. Customers cannot resist a bargain, especially if they can buy fall clothes now and not have to worry about it as the summer dies down in late August.

What You Need to Know About Point of Purchase Displays

This is one more basic thing you need to understand about POP displays. The more vibrant and colorful they are, the better. You need a good color scheme and design in order to attract the wandering eyes of customers. This tip alone will help you drive sales. Once you have captured their gaze, they will become interested in the display’s wares.

This is how to can use POP displays to your advantage. Selling is easy once you have devised a methodical and well-laid out plan to do so. Use your POP displays to your advantage and include them in the selling process. For more information regarding purchasing displays in the Burlington, The Golden Horseshoe, or GTA, Ontario, area, please contact us at our website today.

  1. Point of purchase displays, especially those created by  point of purchase display manufacturers like Brown Packaging, are a very valuable asset to your selling strategy
  2. Understanding the selling process will help you sell more products to customers
  3. Use POP displays to make any product in your inventory, even the underperforming ones, appear popular and attractive