Earth Day and You: Three Reasons to Use Corrugated Boxes

Earth Day is less than a month away and like so many other Canadians nationwide, you are probably planning on cutting your environmental footprint to help save the planet. However, just because you want to help save the environment does not mean you need to cut business expenses and jeopardize the future vitality of your business. Simply replace environmentally wasteful measures with environmentally friendly options, like corrugated boxes.

It is financially advantageous to reduce your environmental impact and footprint with corrugated boxes. Here are three reasons why adopting such measures will positively impact your business.

Corrugated Boxes Help Reduce Consumer Waste

Many companies and corporations around the world are doing their part to help save the environment. You may have seen companies selling bottles made of recycled glass or plastic, for instance. These companies are helping save the environment by reducing their environmental footprint, reusing glass and plastic instead of throwing it away and using fresh materials. Similarly, when you use corrugated boxes, you are doing the same thing.

Instead of letting product packaging fester in a landfill or garbage dump, you are helping reduce the environmental impact pollution has on our planet by reusing cardboard, wood pulp, and paper fiber, which all combine to create corrugated boxes.

The Best Recyclable Packaging on the Market

Other forms of packaging just cannot compete with corrugated boxes when it comes to reusability and environmental friendliness. The most popular forms of packaging, other than corrugated cardboard, are Styrofoam, wood and metal, depending on the industry in which they are used.

Corrugated boxes are the most environmental form of packaging by far, and will therefore have the greatest positive effect on the environment when you switch to them, if you are not using corrugated cardboard already. Wood needs to be harvested and shipped, reducing the size of the world’s forests. Metal needs to be mined, smelted, molded, and shipped. The heavier weight of wood and metal, as compared to cardboard, also add to the environmental costs of shipping them to your business.

Styrofoam is a form of plastic packaging that is popular when shipping large items. Packing peanuts are used to help create a buffer between the object being shipped and its container so the object will not be scuffed on its way to the client. You may have seen them, or regular Styrofoam molds, if you have ever had a large item like a television or desktop computer delivered to your door. The problem with Styrofoam is that is does not break down and cannot be reused. This harms our environment.

If you use plastic (including Styrofoam), wood, or metal as a form of packaging, you should consider switching to corrugated boxes. They are much more environmentally friendly and reusable. Corrugated cardboard is much cheaper because less energy is expended when creating it. This is, in part, due to the ability to recycle and reuse cardboard as opposed to wood, metal, or plastic.

The Importance of Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Make the environmentally sound choice this Earth Day and switch to corrugated boxes as your primary form of packaging. We are living in an interconnected world where shoppers, due to the volume of choice that each consumer has, is rating companies based on their social impact.

Shoppers make decisions based on the track record of a company, especially when it comes to their environmental initiatives. If you are known as an environmentally friendly small business owner, your customers will be satisfied to hear that. This could result in increased sales.

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