Examine Your Packaging and Design

Packaging and design plays a vital role in the delivery of a product into the hands of the end user. As with a punch line to a very good joke, you hope the delivery is done right for the best outcome. A poorly delivered punch line can ruin an entire joke. In other words, don’t let your packaging jeopardize your product’s reputation and favorability in the marketplace. It’s not difficult to do considering consumers have a voice to opinionate on the internet and within social media. If your company’s sales goals are not being met or exceeded, consider maybe taking a closer look at your packaging and design.

Intelligently Designed

At Brown Packaging we can assist you in investigating and breaking down your current product packaging. We’ve been in business since 1979 and have gained a good reputation as a reliable packaging and design manufacturer. From us crunching numbers with you to you considering options of materials, our design team will assess what exists and offer you alternatives to select from. Improving design structure and creative with the use of clear high quality graphics, crisp lines and a selection of printing styles and methods that all have the potential to add value to your brand. Our intelligently designed corrugated packaging solutions are a cost effective means of ramping up your brand to offer consumers a robust product purchasing experience.

Thoughtful Packaging

Consumers appreciate thoughtful packaging that is both functionally elegant and ecologically conscious. Corrugate offers that and more to your product packaging. Not only are corrugated packaging solutions affordable, they’re also quite flexible in that with our innovative design team at Brown Packaging, we can manipulate corrugate fiberboard into practically any shape, size and creative component. You’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to designing product packaging using corrugate.

Corrugate Packaging Is Safer Than Plastics

For a consumer, unleashing a product from its’ packaging can be either a robust, enjoyable experience or a total bummer, sometimes even resulting in injury. Hard seal plastic casing that must be vigorously cut open to remove product can produce very sharp edges that easily cut skin. It’s difficult for a consumer to have a similar unfortunate experience opening up products packaged with corrugate. It’s also easily recyclable which everyone appreciates, including the environment.

Additional Items

Do you have anything to add?! Is there a free tool or component to accompany a product, or just a nifty giveaway item with your brand logo on it that you would like to incorporate inside or attached to the packaging? Whatever your addition may be, we have the ability to create the most effective packaging and design solution for your products. Have a look at our website to see some of the packaging solutions we’ve created for our customers and give us a call to tell us what you’re seeking to achieve.

Optimal Packaging of Your Products

For almost four decades we’ve been a trusted source of corrugated packaging and design solutions for businesses in Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, the GTA, and throughout Ontario. Above and beyond our high quality products, it is our exceptional customer service that has gained us a respected reputation over the years, and we continue to grow with the success of our customers. We look forward to the opportunity of creating optimal packaging for your products.