Exploring How Packaging and Design can Impact on Sales

It's the chicken and egg scenario that has been discussed by product-oriented brands for generations.

More specifically, is it the quality of the product that drives sales, or does its packaging remain the key factor in determining its popularity?

While it may be argued with genuine justification that the quality of your product should be your priority as a business-owner (especially from the perspective of driving long-term sales), there's no doubt that it will be exceptionally difficult to shift your goods if your packaging cannot compete with that of rival brands.

In this article, we'll consider the link between design and packaging and sales volumes, while considering how a firm like Brown Packaging can help you.

Design and Packaging – Playing a Pivotal Role in Driving Sales

According to a recent investigation by Packaging Matters, designing and packaging continues to hold significant relevance to the satisfaction of customers across the globe.

The report, which examined the attitudes of five international markets (Brazil, China, Germany, France and United States), also explored 11 different product categories and suggested that there was a direct correlation between the packaging used by brands, purchase intent and consumer loyalty.

Perhaps the most impactful finding was that effective design and packaging proved crucial when attempting to encourage positive consumer behavior. More specifically, customers who were engaged by and completely satisfied with packaging are more likely to purchase and use the associated products more frequently.

In fact, 57% of customers are more likely to buy products and show loyalty to a specific brand in the case where attractive, sustainable and appropriate packaging is used. The importance of the packaging that you use is also reflected by the fact that 31% of shoppers consider this to be a crucial element of their consumer experience, and one that impacts on everything from purchase intent to product satisfaction.

For brands that are looking to design and sell new products, it can be argued that their choice of packaging is even more important. After all, the report found that 44% of respondents are more inclined to try something new based on a product's packaging, so this can help you to compete more aggressively with your rivals and claim a larger market share.

How Can you Optimize Your Product’s Packaging and Design?

These stats suggest that the importance of packaging and design should not be overlooked, particularly if your brand operates in a competitive marketplace. The issue is that these remain relatively complex business elements, each of which requires considerable expertise if you're to achieve your commercial goals.

Not only must your products and their packaging be developed to complement one another, but the scientific and artistic aspects of design must also be given due consideration. The design strategies that you utilize must also be part of a wider vision, and one that maintains a consistent brand identity throughout.

This is where skilled service providers such as Brown Packaging can add genuine value, as they're an experienced packaging and design manufacturer with a huge client base. Not only will they collaborate with your businesses key stakeholders to create a relevant and visually appealing design, but they can also leverage cost-effective and sustainable materials to optimize your bottom line.

The firm currently serves countless clients in regions such as Burlington, The Golden Horseshoe and Ontario. They're also active within the wider GTA region, and are extremely well-placed to transform your products' packaging and realize its full potential. To find out more and discover how the company can help your business, why not head online and visit the website today?

  • There is a strong correlation between your packaging and design and the appeal of products among consumers
  • Customers are more inclined to switch brands and trial new products based on the quality and the appeal of the packaging used
  • Partnering with skilled and experienced manufacturers can help to develop suitable packaging that helps your products to really shine