Exploring the Importance of Packaging and Design for Your Business

History is packed full of innovative product ideas that have failed to stand the test of time, with even established brands having experienced such unexpected issues.

In fact, it's estimated that just 3% of new consumer packaged goods exceed first-year sales of $50 million, which is considered to be the benchmark for a highly successful launch.

Make no mistake; the design and packaging that you use as a brand will have a critical bearing on the success of your products, particularly in terms of building awareness and effectively engaging potential customers. Below, we'll explore the importance of packaging and design in several simple statistics, and consider the key takeaways for your business.

1. You Have Seven Seconds to Make a First Impression

According to Business Insider, it only takes an average of seven seconds to form a first impression about people and things.

If we apply this to your products, it means that you have an extremely limited window in which to engage customers, as shoppers are inclined to make judgments quickly and often with limited information.

This situation is complicated by the presence of competing brands and packaging, which can make it even harder to reach customers with your message. Not only this, but some of your competitors may also be better known and benefit from brand recognition, meaning that customers are instantly drawn to some products based on familiarity and loyalty.

These are important considerations, which is why your packaging and design must be bold and visually appealing to shoppers. It must also be consistently branded and designed with clear guidelines in mind, as this helps to build brand awareness and drive recognition over time.

2. The Impact of Premium Packaging

The impact of packaging has always been studied at length, with businesses reporting a 30% increase in consumer interest after investing heavily in their design and packaging.

There's also evidence to suggest that premium packaging is the most impactful, with 52% of online customers saying that they're likely to make repeat purchases from a business that ships goods in high-end packages.

These packages are often reusable and durable, as well as being well-designed and pleasing to the human eye.

This not only underlines the importance of packaging for online and offline businesses, but it also suggests that a willingness to invest substantial amounts in your designs will translate into superior results and a higher ROI.

3. The Potential for Social Sharing | Packaging & Design

In the digital age, social media has emerged as one of the most organic and effective marketing channels for brands across a host of markets.

This diverse channel can be leveraged in many different ways, and even your product's packaging may be used to target social media users and build awareness around your brand.

More specifically, 40% of overall customers say that they would actively share images of unique or gift-like packaging when they receive items, creating a significant opportunity to promote your goods and reach brand new audiences.

This is why striving to develop creative packaging can prove so effective, as encourages customers to share your work online and create an effective buzz around your brand.

How Should You Optimize Your Product’s Design and Packaging?

As we can see, your choice of packaging and design is pivotal to the success of your business, particularly in terms of engaging customers across multiple channels and driving sustainable brand awareness.

In order to realize the full potential of your company's packaging and design, however, you'll need to partner with an industry expert like Brown Packaging. A packaging and design manufacturer with considerable experience, we'll help to design creative and sustainable packages that provide tangible results for your business.

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  • The packaging and design that you use will have a big impact on lead generation and sales conversions.
  • Customers are drawn towards premium packaging, while high-end and creative designs also enhance the potential reach of your product offering.
  • Working with industry experts help you to achieve your packaging goals while also remaining within a predetermined budget.