Five Ways to Help Save the Planet by Using Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated boxes, made from cardboard, are more environmentally-friendly than other common forms of packaging. Cardboard is recyclable and re-usable, easy to store, and do not negatively impact the environment, unlike plastics and other synthetic forms of packaging. Here, in greater detail, are five reasons why corrugated boxes can help save the planet.

Cardboard Can Be Recycled Multiple Time

Unlike wasteful packaging like bubble-wrap or plastic, corrugated boxes are made of cardboard, which is recyclable. Cardboard is a great, environmentally-friendly material to use for all your packaging needs, especially when considering the amount of abuse it can withstand during its lifecycle. Cardboard corrugated boxed are tossed, dropped, wetted, and bleached by the elements, and yet they still protect your goods while in transport to customers.

However, when recycling old corrugated cardboard boxes, please note they must be broken down and flattened before recycling. This will allow the recycling company to transport them to the recycling plant easier and in fewer visits.

Corrugated Boxes Do Not Directly Affect the Environment

Cardboard is environmentally-friendly throughout its lifecycle. Made from sandwiching a flute (made of recycled paper) between two liners (made of recycled cardboard and paper), cardboard boxes do not pose any negative impact on the environment, unlike other packaging material. Even at the end of their lifecycle, corrugated boxes are 100% biodegradable and will break down in landfills over time.

Other forms of packaging material do pose a threat to the environment, and to your customers. Plastic can melt, releasing toxic chemicals like Bisphenol A (BPA) into your goods.
Styrofoam does not break down and can have negative health effects if ingested or inhaled. Metal packaging can be sharp, and needs to be smelted. Corrugated boxes however, have no negative impact.

Your Customers Can Reuse Their Corrugated Boxes as Well

Your customers will be pleased they can reuse corrugated boxes as well. A strong, sturdy cardboard box can serve as extra storage space, a children’s fort, or even just an extra wastebasket to clean up and dispose of other forms of packaging.

If they do not want to keep their boxes anymore, customers can also recycle them as your business would, just in smaller quantities. If they subscribe to a recycling service, their boxes can be picked up weekly, for instance, or they can donate their boxes to churches, charities, and neighbors. Everyone has a use at one time or another for corrugated boxes, and it makes no sense to simply throw boxes away when they can be re-used.

Businesses Can Store Corrugated Boxes Easier, Using Less Resources

Different forms of packaging have different storage demands to ensure they perform optimally when being used to transport customers’ goods. For instance, plastic must be kept in cool, dark places to avoid warping or melting, styrofoam must be kept in an area where it won’t be shaved or filed down by sharp objects or crumble, and paper must be kept in a flat, dry area.

Cardboard boxes are easier and less demanding to store. Cardboard can be flattened and stacked, kept in warm or cold areas, and be subjected to sunlight and heat, as long as they are not excessively strong. If slightly wetted, cardboard will still perform well and protect customers’ items, and if scraped, will still retain its structural strength.

Advertise Your Eco-Friendly Business to Increase Eco-Friendliness

Advertise your business’s use of eco-friendly materials, like corrugated cardboard, in your packaging. Eco-friendly customers and visitors to your shop will be more likely to purchase more goods, rather than shop at a competitor that does not care about the environment.

In doing so, the more customers that use more eco-friendly packaging will result in exponential growth in environmentally-friendly packaging standards and efforts. Rather than see plastic bags and styrofoam packaging fill up dumpsters and landfills, we can work to reduce the amount of garbage polluting the Earth by using biodegradable materials like corrugated cardboard.

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