Four Reasons Why Point of Purchase Displays Are Advertising Goldmines

Many business owners and customers only think of point of purchase displays as those cardboard stands that sell batteries and chocolates at the checkout line. These displays, however, are so much more valuable and important than that.

Point of purchase displays allow businesses to sell less-popular merchandize, promote deals and discounts, sell smaller items in smaller amounts for customers who do not need much, and provide them with the few items they need but forgot about. Here are the top four reasons, explained in detail, and the value they provide to businesses and customers simultaneously.

Point of Purchase Displays Are Great to Sell Less-Popular Merchandise

Unfortunately, not all merchandise businesses sell is popular. However, just because some items are not great sellers, possibly due to changing trends or seasonal inventory, does not mean you cannot sell them.

With a point of purchase display, you can promote and sell items that are often overlooked when shelved. When customers pass by shelves, they are looking for specific items and do not usually notice anything they did not come into your store to buy. By stocking your display with less-popular items, customers waiting in line will be more receptive to purchasing them because they are no longer fixated on one item. Do not store inventory until next year. Sell it today!

Promote Deals with Point of Purchase Displays

You have a limited amount of free advertising space in your business before you have to pay for outside promotion. Besides a sandwich board or two, window space, and some banners or posters inside, many business owners do not advertise further. This often means businesses have to prioritize which promotions and deals get advertised and which do not.

With a point of purchase display, rest assured you can start or continue promoting deals of lesser value while still selling your goods and services. Point of purchase display manufacturers, like Brown Packaging, can create highly individualized displays for the purposes of promoting special events and attractive offers to customers.

The Benefits of Selling Individual Items Rather than in Bulk

Point of purchase displays are not just stocked with items customers cannot find on the shelves, they also contain items in smaller quantities. If you are a single person, you may not need a package of twenty pairs of socks, for instance. However, if you need socks and the point of purchase display has five pair packages, you are more likely to buy them.

The same rule applies to almost any product whose quantity can be diminished. If your business is selling to a certain demographic, keep them in mind when packaging and selling inventory. While smaller packages mean smaller sales, they add up quickly.

Customers Always Have That One Item They Forgot

No matter how many times you are in line waiting to pay for your items, there is always an item or two you forget. The dilemma then occurs if you should leave the line for the item and lose your place in it, or skip the item and get it next time or from another store.

Both options result in lost sales for business owners because they did not make such essential items available to customers at the checkout. With a point of purchase display, your customers can grab that last necessary item or two on the way to purchasing their goods without worrying about leaving the line. This will result in increased sales, smaller lines, and more satisfied customers.

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