Getting Specific with Point of Purchase Displays

Specificity is in abundance when creating point of purchase displays. Asking the questions who, what, where, when and why is essential in the initial design phase. Attention to detail is paramount to produce desired results. Customers seeking corrugated merchandising solutions for retailing their goods often approach us with a bundle of ideas and requirements, and they’re not always solely brand or product specific. Different situations and environments call for differences in display units that run the gamut. It all begins with a need to merchandise, often times in a highly competitive marketplace. There’s no arguing the benefits of having experienced talent on your team when designing and creating effective retail merchandising solutions to get products moving to the cash register.

Expand Shelf Space with POP Displays

Retail site specific POP displays are utilized by liquidation stores, pop-up-shops, flea and farmers markets that find themselves in a situation where they must maximize their retailing space to house items for sale. Display units extend shelf space to create flexible merchandising that can be moved around within a retail environment. More shelf real estate can be gained with the use of intelligently designed corrugated retail solutions. In our catalogue of corrugated products available to retailers we offer plain standard countertop and floor unit displays for purchase, ready to go. There are no markings or graphics on our basic units available off-the-shelf. They are easy to construct, flexible to move, durable in construction and affordable to purchase for any budget.

Display Promotions

We still offer customers the opportunity to customize our standard unit designs with general graphics or printing for those wanting to offer promotion specific display units within their retail environments. “Featured Deal”, “New Item”, “On Sale”, “BuyOne GetOne…” promotional slogans are effective at generating attention and in-store excitement, particularly when positioned to maximize impulse purchasing habits of consumers. Strategically placed point of purchase displays exhibit goods creatively throughout a retail space which allows shoppers to effectively approach and reach for products with ease. All of our displays are diligently designed and produced to withstand the rigors of relocation and restocking. Many customers who initially purchase our standard display units return to us with a custom designed order to bring some colour and pizzazz to their corrugated merchandising solutions.

Product Category Units

Retailers seeking to maximize countertop merchandising space for small items approach us with specific designed unit requests. We’ve created tabletop designs for particular product categories like jewelry, hobby tools, candy, key chains, flashlights, small toys and so on. We’ve even been asked to create small units for product sample purposes and even brochures offering product/service information. When space is an issue in a retail area our talented team at Brown Packaging has what it takes to create optimal solutions that work for you in achieving your merchandising goals. 

Festive Merchandising

Many of our customers enjoy holiday merchandising and approach us throughout the year to create customized seasonal specific displays for them. Being a well seasoned point of purchase display manufacturer we’ve created a plethora of festive display units over the many years we’ve been in business. Often colourful and hardly boring, we enjoy designing and manipulating corrugated construction to fashion effectively attractive displays that pleases our customers. Regardless of the types of products displayed, the units we create speak well to the seasonal holidays thus generating the desired excitement on the retail floor.

We Expand With You

Are you seeking to affordably expand your retail shelf space to offer more goods? Do you want to maximize your countertop offerings by utilizing cleverly designed and constructed display units? If you’re in Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, the GTA or across Ontario, give us a call to discover what we have to offer in the way of cost effective corrugated merchandising solutions. If we don’t have what you need readily available for you, our Brown Packaging team will create a custom design specifically suited to meet and possibly even exceed your requirements and expectations.