Have Many Products? Use Corrugated Boxes!

Cardboard is a great packaging material but many store owners still do not use it to ship their goods. If small businesses are not currently using cardboard as a packaging material, we suggest that they should, and for the following reasons.

The following scenario has happened to many store owners over the years. It most likely still happens to this day, all over the world. A store owner needs a better form of packaging to meet his shipping needs.

Bob has a store. Bob specializes in selling small items. These items vary in size, shape, weight, and use. Bob sells toasters, shirts, trinkets, water bottles, and more. If you can think of it, Bob sells it. Bob wants one product packaging solution for all his products. Bob decides that he should consider corrugated cardboard boxes.

Bob made the right choice.

Corrugated Boxes are Versatile in Use

You can use corrugated cardboard packaging for practically any product. Products big or small can be housed in cardboard boxes. Anything can fit, from a keychain to a full-sized fridge. Even food can be stored in cardboard (although you will need to add a wax liner or seal to the corrugated cardboard box).

For Bob, cardboard is the way to go. He can now have a unified packaging solution for all his products. Bob is happy. If you are like Bob and you want a unified packaging solution for all your merchandise, you should follow his lead and consider corrugated cardboard as a potential solution.

Corrugated Boxes are Durable

You can put a corrugated cardboard box through a lot of abuse. Oftentimes, the product inside the cardboard packaging will not even be affected. You can drop cardboard boxes, pour water on them, handle them roughly, tear them up, dent and ding them, and more. However, if you open up the abused box, you will find that the product is safe inside.

This is absolutely remarkable. Few other forms of packaging can even come close to the protection and durability that corrugated cardboard provides, and none exist in its price range.

It is impossible to accurately predict all the obstacles present in the shipping process. A package can fall. A package can get wet. A package can be torn by house cats. A package can be tripped over and stepped on. There are many scenarios that can play out. You need packaging like corrugated cardboard boxes that can withstand any obstacle your product faces on its way to your customer.

What is My Next Step?

Now that you know about the versatility and durability of corrugated cardboard, can you really pass it up as the one solution for your packaging needs? Your next step is to order some cardboard boxes, test them out, and consider whether the addition of cardboard to your packaging is beneficial. If it is, consider, replacing your packaging and using corrugated cardboard exclusively. Doing so will make the product storage and shipping process much simpler for you and your clients.

Using corrugated boxes is a great way to provide one unified and long-lasting packaging solution to your store. Other business owners like you around the country and around the world have made the switch to corrugated cardboard boxes. If you want to make the switch as well, contact us at Brown Packaging, Burlington. We also perform client outreach in and around  The Golden Horseshoe, and the GTA, Ontario, in case your business is not located near us. For more information regarding the benefits of corrugated cardboard boxes, please visit us at our website today.