Help the Environment by Switching to Corrugated Containers Today

You are an environmentally-friendly person. You recycle. You turn off the water when you are not using it. You conserve gas and avoid excessively heating your house in the winter. You support public recycling initiatives like bottle and can drives. Now, you can become more environmentally-conscious when it comes to product packaging.

The environment is on everyone’s minds nowadays. Everywhere you go, people are recycling, and stores are making environmentally-conscious decisions, like charging for plastic bags or sourcing products from environmentally-friendly manufacturers. Now, you can jump on the environmental bandwagon with biodegradable packaging.

Switching to Environmentally Friendly Corrugated Containers

Switching from environmentally-unfriendly materials like styrofoam to environmentally-friendly materials like corrugated containers is a great choice. Not only is corrugated cardboard stronger than most other forms of packaging, but it weighs less, and is biodegradable. There really is no downside to making the switch to corrugated cardboard. It will fulfill all the packaging needs of your business, while also helping the environment.

Biodegradable packaging provides numerous advantages. Not only are you helping protect the environment, but your customers are as well. Biodegradable packaging will keep your products safe and secure on their way to the customer, and then will biodegrade in landfills, if the packaging is not recycled first. There is a reason why fragile items like wine glasses are packaged in corrugated cardboard containers.

There are few items that cannot be packaged in corrugated cardboard. Everything from books and paper to washing machines and refrigerators are shipped in corrugated cardboard. Weight is not an issue when it comes to using cardboard to package your merchandise.

Compared to other types of cardboard, corrugated cardboard breaks down quickly. It is entirely possible that corrugated containers will break down in a matter of months, depending on a multitude of factors. The time it takes to breakdown materials matter when it comes to biodegradability. Some types of cardboard, like wax cardboard, take years to break down. The biodegradability of such materials cancels out the environmentally-friendly aspect of stocking such packaging.

Wet cardboard breaks down faster than dry cardboard. Cardboard spread over a larger surface area breaks down faster than cardboard that has been compressed. Cardboard in a landfill with more biological decomposers like worms will break down faster than cardboard without them. There are many factors that will determine how long it takes to break down cardboard.

Regardless of how long it takes to decompose cardboard, the more important factor is that it breaks down, and quickly. Other forms of packaging either do not break down, do not break down well, or do not break down fast. The whole point of using biodegradable materials in your packaging is to help the environment. This is why many businesses and stores already support the use of cardboard.

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. That first step can be switching to corrugated cardboard. There are many advantages and practically no disadvantages to adopting cardboard. You benefit. Your company’s bottom line benefits. Your customers benefit. Most importantly, the environment benefits. Make the switch to corrugated boxes today and make a difference!

Make your business environmentally-conscious this year by switching to corrugated containers for your packaging needs. For more information on the benefits of corrugated cardboard packaging, contact Brown Packaging today. We have helped countless businesses with their packaging needs in Burlington, The Golden Horseshoe, Ontario, and the GTA, and we can help you as well. To learn more, visit us online at our website today.