Help the Environment with our Corrugated Containers

Does this scenario seem familiar?

Bob is a small business owner. Bob wants to make his business more environmentally-friendly. He notices that he uses plastic packaging for his products and Bob wants to know if switching the type of packaging that he uses will make a positive impact on the environment. Bob learns that cardboard containers are a packaging option and switches his packaging. Over time, Bob’s company becomes the most environmentally-friendly it has ever been.

Are you like Bob? If you want to help the environment by switching to cardboard packaging, read on. This article is for you. You can join the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of business owners around the world who have made their businesses friendlier for the environment.

There are many ways in which businesses, big and small, already help the environment. However, there is no limit to how much you can make the world a healthier place. You can stop at only recycling paper at work and still make a positive impact, or you can go much further. There is no limit.

One big way to help the environment is to use corrugated cardboard containers as your main form of packaging for your products. Cardboard is an excellent choice anyways because it is strong and it is affordable. Adding environmentalism to the benefits of cardboard really is a no-brainer when it comes to finding the best packaging for your products.

Why are Corrugated Containers So Environmentally-Friendly?

The source of cardboard is renewable and found in the environment. This, in itself, makes cardboard a more environmentally-friendly option than using metal packaging, plastic packaging, or even styrofoam, or a combination of the three.

While metal exists in nature as ore, the amount of energy invested in creating metal packaging, as well as re-using it, makes the material not as environmentally-friendly as cardboard. Cardboard is environmentally-friendly because its source is found in abundance as wood pulp, it is cost-effective to manufacture, and the fact that it can be recycled very easily.

The re-usability of packaging also needs to be considered. Cardboard is very reusable, even if it is not being reused professionally. Your clients and customers may keep their cardboard containers to use for other tasks, like filing papers or for storing their belongings in their garages. Even if you never get to recycle that packaging that you sent to a customer, it is still being used and reused everyday. This simple observation makes corrugated cardboard containers very environmentally-friendly.

When it comes to the environment, “friendliness” is not just defined by what we take out of the environment, or what we put back into it, but what we keep away from it. Keeping recycling plants filled and landfills empty is very environmentally-conscious, which is mostly done from a packaging perspective with corrugated cardboard containers.

The Next Step for Companies That Want to Increase Their Positive Environmental Impact

Both businesses and their clients have many uses for corrugated containers, making these types of containers very environmentally-friendly. For more information on the environmental impact of corrugated cardboard, and how you can improve your company’s environmental consciousness with cardboard packaging, please contact Brown Packaging online at our website today. We have helped many clients like you in Burlington, The Golden Horseshoe, and the GTA, Ontario, as well as the surrounding areas.

  1. Corrugated cardboard containers are environmentally-friendly.
  2. The environmental impact of different types of product packaging varies.
  3. Even if not formally recycled in a recycling plant, cardboard boxes still find an environmentally-friendly use in the homes of clients and customers.