How to Get the Most from Your Point of Purchase Displays

According to some studies, an estimated 75% of all in-store purchasing decisions are impacted directly by point of purchase displays. While the accuracy of this statistic has been disputed by some industry experts, there's no doubt that this marketing channel can have a significant influence of consumers when they shop in-store.

This has much to do with the level of impulse purchases made by the average customer, who remains perennially vulnerable to competitive promotions, strategic product placement and creative marketing techniques.

With this in mind, businesses that are able to get the most from their POP displays are ultimately more likely to optimize their in-store sales conversions. Here are some ways in which this can be achieved:

1. Be Sure to Complement the Product

When you create a point of purchase display, it's easy to become preoccupied with the notion of capturing the attention of shoppers. However, it's also imperative that you allow the product to shine as the star of the show, and this can be a decidedly delicate balance to achieve in any industry.

This issue can be negated during the design stage, simply by ensuring that you include suitably-sized openings and compartments that are capable of displaying your products in a secure and prominent manner. In fact, this should be your main priority as a marketer, as otherwise your product and its core features may be lost amid a blaze of color and noise.

Additionally, you must ensure that your product's packaging does not clash with the primary colors of the POP display in which it is housed, so ideally these elements will be designed to complement one another.

2. Be Sure to Incorporate Takeaway Elements

When placing a point of purchase display in a neural store, you'll be forced to compete and share floor space with rival brands. It's therefore important that you create a lasting impression, and one that may be difficult to achieve through a single display.

To help with this process, you should ensure that your display also includes interactive elements and relevant takeaways that add genuine value to the shopping experience.

One prominent example in the modern age is the use of rip-away coupons, which are associated with a specific product or promotion and can be redeemed immediately.

This may not only drive real-time sales, but it is also an important building block in the process of building customer loyalty and securing repeat business in the future.

3. Utilize Color as a Key Design Element

In the bid to create an impactful POP display, you'll need to learn a number of creative visual merchandising techniques. The deployment of color plays a pivotal role in many of these techniques, thanks largely to the influence that variable shades can have on the consumers' mood and outlook.

This psychology is based on the principle that 83% of the information that our brains process is delivered through the sense of sight, which suggests that your choice of colors can have a critical bearing on the success (or failure) of your displays.

Ultimately, you must select colors and schemes that reflect the products on show, while understanding the precise emotions that you want to evoke from customers.

If you need further convincing of this, consider the fact that shoppers often make a purchasing decision within 90 minutes of interacting with a product, with 60% of the assessment made on color alone.

Leveraging Expertise the get the Most from your Point of Purchase Displays

Given the importance of this in-store advertising channel, it makes perfect sense that you should leverage the expertise of point of purchase display manufacturers like Brown Packaging to get the most from your investment.

This not only enables you to create relevant and vibrant displays, but it also creates an opportunity to upgrade existing channels and optimize customer interaction with your brand.

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  • Point of purchase displays play a pivotal role in driving in-store sales
  • By getting the most from your displays, you can optimize your marketing spend and total ROI
  • Partnering with viable point of purchase manufacturers makes it far easier to achieve these objectives