How to Improve the Look of Your Point of Purchase Displays

Point of purchase (POP) displays are becoming more and more popular in stores and small businesses, as these displays are often considered to be moveable shelving units (which they absolutely are), there are still a lot of visual improvements that you can put into a display in order to increase customer interaction with it. Customer interaction is key because it is the driving force behind sales.

A product is nothing without its sales team. Salespeople make sure that the wider community knows of the products they sell, and salespeople convince customers through effective marketing and advertising to purchase specific products. In the case of POP displays, the display acts as an inanimate salesperson.

Even the best products in the world need customers to be interested in purchasing them if the store that sells these products wants to make money. Maserati, for instance, is thought to be one of the fanciest sports car manufacturers in the world. If no one wanted to buy a Maserati, the company would not be around for long.

The same thinking applies to POP displays. If your POP displays are good, but customers are not interested in them, the products stocked in the display will not sell well. Let’s turn that around!

Upgrade to Interactive Point of Purchase Displays

This is a pricier option to consider than a simple POP display, but the effects are very beneficial. By adding some form of automated or electronic interaction, built-in to the display, you can increase customer awareness of your display.

Adding a simple video player that catches your customers’ eyes and advertises products in the display is one way to make your displays interactive. Providing a QR code on your display is a low-tech, low-cost option to consider if you have a limited budget, although this option will only be usable by customers with smartphones.

Add Product Information to Your Point of Purchase Displays

One of the issues that some POP displays have is that, while they look great from a visual perspective, these displays do not feature much text that describe the products stocked in the displays. Customers will walk up to the display, look for information pertaining to the products, and then continue shopping because the information is not there.

If you notice that your customers interact this way with your POP displays, you should consider updating the design of your displays to feature product information. This is a great way to sustain customers’ attentions after you have obtained it.

Although this article can benefit business owners who have not yet purchased a POP display for their stores, the intended audience is small business owners who already have a POP display but want to make it more appealing to customers. That being stated, both types of small business owners can benefit from this article.

Point of purchase displays, designed by point of purchase display manufacturers like Brown Packaging, are great tools to interact with your customers and sell more products. By upgrading the designs of your existing displays, you can increase customer interaction, and therefore sales. We sell POP displays to clients in and around Burlington, The Golden Horseshoe, and the GTA, Ontario.

  1. POP displays can be upgraded and infused with technology to better interact with customer attention spans.
  2. POP displays can be upgraded to become more informational, keeping your customers attentions once you have obtained them.
  3. POP displays are great tools that you should use to help sell more products.

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