How to Improve Your Packaging and Design

Producing high quality and engaging packaging and design is an art. It is not a simple process and it requires a company to be in tune with their consumers. Brown Packaging is a packaging and design manufacturer and through our years of experience, we have developed a system that we recommend to our clients when they are drafting packaging and design concepts.

Keep It Simple

We’ve mentioned this before, but it is one of the quickest ways that you can turn a consumer away from your product. Packaging and design must be simple and to the point. Consumers do not want to waste their time reading a book. You only have a few seconds to draw them in and convince them that your product is the best for them. Your packaging and design plays a huge role in this, so ensure that it is up to par.

Be Honest

Many companies lie on their packaging and design. They suggest that their product has a specific feature, or in the case of food products, they outright lie by displaying a completely different looking product on the package. If you are selling chocolate chip cookies, don’t suggest that they are a goldmine of chocolate chips or larger than they are, if they aren’t. Consumers respect a company that is honest with them.


Your packaging and design needs to be memorable and you need to demonstrate to consumers that your product is special. This could be a traditional recipe, a specific ingredient that you use, a certain manufacturing technique, or maybe your product is fair trade. You must demonstrate that your product is different from an average brand through your packaging and design.


As great as you think your product is, consumers must be able to use it for their actual needs. Thus, your packaging and design must also help sell the practicality of your item. Would you want to use a product that you find confusing or too hard to use? Of course not, so keep it simple and practical.

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