Importance of Corrugated Boxes: They're Everywhere

We may not notice it, but corrugated boxes are everywhere we look. Off the top of our head, we can think of many situations where you have used corrugated boxes. Don’t believe us? When you moved to your new place you used corrugated boxes. Did you order an item off Amazon? Those items come in corrugated boxes. One more? Are you looking to buy an appliance? Most new appliances come shipped in corrugated boxes. We think you get the point. They are pretty important and they are a silent contributor to our daily tasks. Brown Packaging is dedicated to providing corrugated boxes to all sorts of industries. We believe there is a corrugated box for everyone.

Major End-Use Industries for Corrugated Boxes

Of course, you are interested in statistics. We are too. Here is a list of major Canadian industries and their usage statistics for corrugated boxes.

  • Misc. manufacturing 16.7%
  • Furniture 15.6%
  • Automotive 15.5%
  • Packaged food & beverages 13.3%
  • Appliances 13.3%
  • Hardware / housewares 9.3%
  • Cosmetics and toiletries 7.2%
  • Printing and publishing 6.5%
  • Other 1.5%
  • Agriculture 1.1%

Not surprisingly, miscellaneous manufacturing ranks at number one. This category includes almost anything that wasn’t specific. Furniture is another obvious one. How do you protect large furniture from bumps and scrapes? You shield it in a corrugated box. What about that produce you purchase at your local super market? It’s shipped in a corrugated box. Never underestimate the usefulness of a good corrugated box.

If you are looking for packaging solutions Brown Packaging is ready to serve you. We offer many packaging services to customers throughout Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, the GTA and Ontario. There is no project that is too complex for a well-designed corrugated box. Simplify the moving process by investing in sturdy boxes that can survive wear and tear.