Improve Your Packaging and Design and Sell More

Many small business owners are not using every metric they could to track the success of their inventory sales. An item’s packaging and design is very important for customers to determine its appeal to them, and they often form a first opinion at first sight. This means you could be selling great products but, if their packaging looks gaudy, they may not sell as well as they could.

Packaging and design is probably the most important part of selling your products, even more so than the product itself. If a product works and a customer is satisfied with it, there is no need for them to buy another similar product with more bells and whistles from you or your competitors. As such, a product’s appearance is very important in satisfying customers. Here are two steps to improve your packaging and design.

Identify the Problem

Knowing the flaws in your products’ packaging and design firsthand is hard, especially if you designed them yourself. You may need a second-hand opinion on flaws in your products’ appearance before you can know what to change. Family and friends are great resources to use, as well as long-term trusted customers. They will tell you the different ways to improve your products.

If your products are wrapped in plastic and they crinkle or make noises, you can replace the plastic with wrapping paper. If your customers’ want packaging that will protect their purchases in transport, use cardboard corrugated boxes. If you want to increase the protection of your inventory with corrugated boxes, pack the boxes with Styrofoam peanuts.

Identifying the problem with your current packaging and design is the first and most crucial step to fixing it. However, once you do, your sales revenue will increase, and customers will be much happier with their shopping experiences, adding to the strength and loyalty of your customer base.

Improve Your Packaging and Design

There is no one change that you can make to your inventory’s packaging and design that is sure to increase sales, especially in the short-term. You may need to tweak your products’ appearance several times at least before you see a change in revenue. Every customer reacts differently to a product’s appearance and it may be a while before you can tell if your changes are successful.

You may also find that the problem is not with the products’ packaging and design, but with the product itself. However, by tweaking the packaging, you will know with certainty that you can rule out any issues caused by a product’s appearance. For instance, customer may prefer your products in a certain style or size, an issue no amount of packaging can help.

Your customers may want products made out of a certain material or they may be boycotting a specific manufacturer or country. There are so many reasons why customers choose your products, and the only way to know is to ask them for their opinions. However, packaging and design should be ruled out so you can modify other products’ appearance in the future if their sales lag as well.

With these two steps, we hope that your sales revenue can increase, and your products’ popularity among customers is no longer dependent on faulty or incomplete packaging and design. Doing so is vital to increasing the appeal of your products.

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