Improve Your Packaging and Design by Thinking Outside the Box

The way a product looks is 50% of the sale. This is a general truth. It is unlikely that the products features in your merchandise are that different from your competitions. Fries from Burger King are just fries. Yoga mats from Lulu Lemon are still just yoga mats. What differentiates a product from its competition is a brand, a name, and a “look.”

Even Tesla cars are just cars. No matter how enigmatic Elon Musk is, or how good the cars are, they are just cars. Tesla relies on dedicated customers who love Musk and his vision for the automobile industry to generate sales. The same is true for all business.

A product’s look can always be updated, refined, and improved, whether you are focused on the product’s design, or its exterior packaging. With this article, you will learn how to determine the purpose of your product packaging, and how to financially plan to afford this process. In doing so, you will be setting yourself and your company up for success regarding the change in product design and packaging that you will soon unveil to customers.

What is the Purpose of Your Packaging and Design?

Oftentimes, everyone gets a little off track when it comes to determining the reasoning behind a decision. These decisions happen in all walks of life, from choosing college courses, to choosing colors for your products’ brand.

The first question you need to ask yourself is “What is the purpose of your product’s design or packaging?” You can ask yourself this question for any product in your inventory, whether old or new. It is never too late to upgrade a product’s packaging if doing so will lead to increased sales and a stronger customer base.

Do You Have the Budget to Update My Products’ Packaging and Design?

Now that you have answered the first question, you now need to answer the second one. Essentially, can you afford to upgrade your products’ design or packaging right now? If not, you will need to create a plan in order to do so as soon as possible.

Depending on your expenses, and your ability to reduce your expenses in the short-term, it may be possible to upgrade your product design and packaging within the next month or so. If not, you may need to save up for several months if not longer, in order to afford the upgrades.

While upgrading your products and making them more appealing to customers will always pay off, you should not go into debt to do so. Instead, consider taking pre-sales of products that customers want, and then using the money to fund the upgrades.

This way, you are not risking your product line, or your business on this expense. You will also be able to determine the general rate of acceptance of your products from customers based on the amount of money you are able to raise.

Planning is everything when it comes to packaging and design. If you rush the process, you will not achieve the best results that you deserve. For more help, and for an experienced mentor to design the perfect product packaging, contact packaging and design manufacturer Brown Packaging.

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