Increase Customer Awareness with Point of Purchase Displays

Growing your business is a constant need. You always need to be improving, and increasing your revenue, especially with the popularity of online shopping. Even if you sell merchandise on the Internet, you are now in competition with a global network of competitors. You need all the help you can get.

One of the best ways to increase your chances of selling merchandise is to continue “selling” to customers once they walk in the door. Just because a customer walks in the door does not mean they are going to buy everything they need. In most instances, they will not know what they need beyond the basics. While businesses usually have sales associates who can help customers find everything they need, sometimes a business cannot hire enough associates.

In this scenario, point of purchase displays make great sense. A display can do everything an associate can do. Displays can inform customers. Displays can direct customers to other merchandise. Displays can help close the deal and make sales. There are many benefits to installing displays in your store when it comes to selling merchandise and increasing your revenue streams.

Breaking Down Point of Purchase Displays

Many businesses install and use point of purchase displays in order to stock the displays will under-selling merchandise. The displays are placed near the checkout area, and customers waiting in line contemplate whether they want to buy the display’s merchandise.

The merchandise in the displays are usually small necessities like batteries, candies, and pens. It is common for customers by the displays to purchase more merchandise as a result.

This strategy works, but the use of displays can work even better if you use displays in place of store associates. Instead of stocking all your displays with merchandise, consider stocking them with information.

You can stock the following informative materials in a display:

  1. Brochures
  2. Pamphlets
  3. Flyers
  4. Newsletters
  5. Booklets
  6. Magazines
  7. Etc.

Hosting informative materials in your displays can result in more sales than stocking your displays with merchandise. Customers waiting in line are bored and will be more receptive to reading informative materials while they wait. You can use this reaction to your advantage by informing your customers about your high-end products and services.

Essentially, you are marketing your more expensive products to your customers, providing them with the information they seek. With this strategy, you can be sure you are reaching your local customer base.

By contrast, a customer may not know how much merchandise you stock, or the specific merchandise you stock. Without informing your customers directly, they may never have the opportunity to glance upon all your merchandise.

The reason why stocking displays with informative materials works is as follows. Customers love to be informed. That is why they check product reviews, and why they seek out the best items for their needs. However, without proper guidance, a customer may not purchase everything he or she needs. With the information literally at their fingertips, you can help inform customers of what they need, and where to find it in your store.

Informed customers are happy customers. Happy customers are loyal customers. Loyal customers are more frequent customers. You can increase your customer base, and the awareness of that base, by simply installing displays in your store.

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