Increase Store Efficiency with a Point of Purchase Display

Point of purchase displays can help increase store efficiency, leading to many benefits for you and your customers. Not only will foot traffic be decreased, which will ensure your customers can save time while shopping, but it will also be easier for them to maneuver through your store as they do so. In addition, point of purchase displays are great additions to your store, to show your customers what inventory you think they should purchase.

It does not really matter what type of merchandise you stock your point of purchase displays with. You can either stock them with poor-selling inventory that you want to sell in order to free up valued shelf space, or you can stock your point of purchase displays with well-selling inventory to increase customer interest in your small business. The main purpose of such displays is to grab your customers’ attention to specific inventory, regardless of whether it flied off the shelf.

While the inventory stocked in your point of purchase displays is not very important, by purchasing and placing such displays strategically, you will make your store layout more efficient. Not only do such displays increase the amount of shelf space, which allows you to stock your shelves with more important inventory that you want to stock up on, but you can place them throughout your shop to influence customer behavior. The exact placement of each display will depend on your store and your business plans.

If you visualize the journey your customers take through your shop, they will probably walk to the back of the shop first. You may have seen this in countless convenience stores, where customers have to walk to the back of the store to access the dairy fridge. This layout is so popular because dairy is widely enjoyed by a vast majority of the population, even the lactose-intolerant. Whether a customer wants a liter of milk, an ice cream, or cheese, they all have to walk past the numerous chip and candy aisles to do so.

As they pass by, they may fondly remember the taste of a chocolate bar and put it in their basket or shopping cart. Even if a customer did not plan on buying any other inventory, seeing all the items available for sale may jog his or her memory. The customer is therefore more likely to put more items in his or her cart. A great position for a point of purchase display is therefore near the back, or along the aisles on the way to the back of the store.

Another placement strategy for your store is to have all the shelves positioned on the walls of the store. After you have done this, create an island of point of purchase displays in the center. Your customers will now walk around in a donut formation, viewing all your merchandise before they arrive at the cash register to pay for their purchases.

Your store layout and increasing store efficiency are two metrics point of purchase display manufacturers consider when designing and creating your displays. Customer satisfaction is important, whether you are purchasing displays from a manufacturer, or you are selling your wares to your own customers.

Point of purchase displays will increase store efficiency by redirecting your customers to your most popular items, rather than let your customer’s waste time to find the items they need themselves. If you own or operate a small business in Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, or the GTA, you should consider purchasing a point of purchase display from Brown Packaging, one of the leading point of purchase display manufacturers in Ontario. For more information, please visit our website.