It’s a Clean, Clean World

Customers are increasingly worried about catching infections and other diseases. Every day, a new product flies off the shelves for no other reason than it is supposedly healthier or more health-conscious than it’s competition. Product packaging is no different. For a health-conscious and hygienic form of packaging, look no further than corrugated boxes.

A Favorite of the Food Industry

If you have ever been in a big box grocery store like the Food Section of Walmart, you have probably noticed that corrugated boxes are everywhere. There is a reason they are the most used form of packaging in the food industry, especially when it comes to shipping food to stores.

Since food suppliers only use corrugated boxes once before recycling them, they are an optimal choice to affordably ship food while taking into account customers’ health. Once the food arrives at the grocery store, whether it is Walmart or the green grocer down the street, the corrugated boxes get left outside for the garbage collectors.

If you run a company and need to consider the hygienic condition of your shipped products for customers, for instance if you run a baby pacifier business or a chocolate factory, you should consider using corrugated boxes.

No Risk of Cross-Contamination

Since corrugated boxes are used precisely once to ship food and other goods that need to remain hygienic, there is no risk of cross-contamination. Diseases cannot be spread between products, and your customers can rest assured they will not be infected with anything. In addition, the process required to make a corrugated box lowers the risk of cross-contamination as well.

When manufacturing corrugated boxes, manufacturers preheat and steam the various layers of the boxes to make them stick together. If you tear open a corrugated box, you can see the different layers. These layers are melted together, due to the high heat required to steam them, which can rise to over 100 degrees Celsius.

How Disease Spreads

Germs that live on surfaces can spread certain diseases. These are the types of diseases that business owners and operators are trying to prevent spreading to their customers when they use single-use corrugated boxes. Germs can stay on surfaces for hours if left alone.

This is why you clean your kitchen counters after cutting meat, for instance. Although you will not become that sick, unless you are suffering from some other illness or disease that is inflamed or intensified by the germs, it is better to avoid any unnecessary risks that you can.

Use corrugated boxes once to avoid catching germs and spreading them. Prevention before reaction whenever possible is a good motto to live by.

The Variety Corrugated Boxes Offer

It is easier than ever before to purchase hygienic corrugated boxes for all your small business needs. Boxes can be designed into many different shapes and sizes, making it an ideal and affordable form of hygienic packaging for any business. Even if your business does not require hygienic packaging, it is a good marketing advantage if you use corrugated boxes.

Consumers are becoming more health-conscious by the day and are more likely to support a company that has their best interests in mind, especially if it does not impact their wallets, like corrugated boxes.

Brown Packaging in Burlington would like to design and ship hygienic corrugated boxes to your small business. If you are interested in a form of packaging that is affordable, hygienic, and safe, look no further than corrugated boxes. We have satisfied and health-conscious clients in Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, the GTA, and across Ontario. For more information, or to place an order, please visit us at our website today.