Just What are Corrugated Containers

You have a product. You want to know the best way to ship it to a customer. You are unsure of how to do this, especially when you need to choose between a corrugated box or container. They seem like the same thing, but the box company you are using has separate listings for them. You just want to understand the difference between them, so you can purchase the right type of packaging for your products. This is a common problem that is easily rectified.

Many people confuse corrugated containers for corrugated boxes. While they may look similar and function in the same way, they are also different. If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, you should know the difference between a container and a box so that you do not order the wrong one for your product’s needs. All boxes are containers, but not all containers are boxes. In this article, we will cover the difference, and how that difference will affect you when you order packaging for shipping your goods to customers.

The difference comes down to your philosophy when shipping products, mainly. If you value the uniqueness of your products packaging over how well it will ship, you should consider choosing corrugated boxes. If you value the product’s packaging, as well as the ease of shipping, you should consider using containers.

The Difference Between Corrugated Containers and Boxes

Corrugated Containers

When you purchase and use corrugated containers, your focus is not only on protecting your goods while shipping them to your customers, but on how your products will be placed when they are shipped. While boxes can have custom designs with corners that jut out, and custom shapes that do not stack well together, containers are meant to protect your products, as well as stack well and ship well during transport.

Corrugated Boxes

When you purchase and use corrugated boxes, the importance is on your products. Boxes keep them safe and secure while you ship them to your customers. You can order boxes with custom designs without the need to consider how these boxes will be placed in a delivery van or via the mail. The emphasis when ordering and using corrugated boxes is on the product primarily. The shipping method comes secondary.

The End Game

It really comes down to a matter of philosophy regarding the transport of products. Now, this does not mean much if you do not ship the items yourself, or your customers pick them up themselves. However, if you pay a third party like a professional shipping company for shipping, or you send packages through the mail system, it may be more costly to use corrugated boxes over containers if the packaging is awkward to store and you are paying for shipping space.

You can find success with either corrugated boxes or containers in most situations. However, you may want to order the best packaging for your needs, regardless of whether you need a common solution, or you have a specialized packaging option in mind. Now that you understand the difference between corrugated boxes and containers, you can match the packaging to your products needs during shipping.

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