Less Is More with Minimalistic Packaging and Design

More and more small business owners are adopting more minimalistic packaging and design for their companies, and you should consider doing so as well. Minimalistic packaging and design can greatly benefit your company as well as the environment. Doing so can help reduce your operating expenses, which can accelerate your business plans, save money for customers, make your products and business easier to remember, and help save the environment.

Here, in more detail, are the benefits you and your small business will accrue when you switch to a more minimalistic packaging and design.

Pass the Savings on the Customer

By switching to more minimalistic packaging and design, you can save a significant chunk of your budget that may be better utilized elsewhere. You may want to expand your business or renovate a section of the store, for instance. Now, with cheaper, more minimalist packaging and design, you can.

In addition, when your expenses become cheaper, your profit margin grows. You can now afford to undercut your competition and successfully gain a business advantage over them. You can also reduce the price of your inventory to attract more customers, resulting in increased sales.

Minimalist Packaging and Design Is Easier to Remember

While you may be interested in more complex packaging and design, perceiving it to be more sophisticated, your customers will have a much easier time if they can remember simpler logos. Some of the most famous packaging has been the most simplistic.

Apple used to have a very complicated design when they first sold computers in the 1970s. However, as they aged and refined their company, they changed their logo to increasingly simplistic ones. Now, when you think of Apple Computers or the iPod or iPhone, the first image that comes to mind is probably the apple symbol. However, this was their first logo. If they had not changed their logo, which made it easier to recognize, customers definitely would have had a harder time remembering it.

Help Save the Environment

Earth Day is soon approaching and, on April 22, 2016, it will arrive. Everyone is doing their part for the environment, whether they choose to walk or take public transportation to work, or to increase their recycling efforts. With minimalistic packaging and design, you can help save the planet too.

The more minimalistic your packaging and design is, the less materials you will need to use to create it. Conversing materials is a great way to reduce waste, which has a positive effect on the planet. As well, minimalistic packaging can be lighter than more complex packaging, saving fuel and shipping costs, not only on your orders from your packaging and design manufacturer, but when you are shipping products to your customers as well. If you want to do your part for the planet, as well as help benefit your business, clients, and customers, switch to a more minimalistic packaging and design today.

A company is defined by their appearance. Luxury items are flashy and often solid “luxurious colors” like black, red, or white, for instance. Clothing stores use models and celebrities to advertise their clothes because it sends the message that, if you wear their clothes, you will be rich and successful like them.

Similarly, minimalistic packaging and design shows that your company is sleek, environmentally friendly, and knowledgeable about operating a successful business. The absence of clutter shows that your company is focused on a singular goal, sophisticated without being overly complex, and dedicated to your product.

Packaging and design manufacturer Brown Packaging helps Ontario small business owners re-tool their “look” and find a packaging and design that best fits their products. If you are a small business owner in Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, or the GTA and would like to improve your products’ style and look with a minimalistic approach, contact Brown Packaging today at their website.