Let a Point of Purchase Display Manufacturer Create a Cost-Efficient Marketing Tool for Your Business

If you are considering new ways to increase your sales through expanded product and brand awareness, a point of purchase display may be a great solution for your business.  A point of purchase display is a marketing tool used to display seasonal, promotional or sales items and other products in a location near the checkout.  The display is designed and placed carefully, to attract customer attention and to silently persuade the customer to purchase your product over any others.  The final purchasing decisions are often made at the checkout counter, which is why this is such an effective spot for the point of purchase displays to be located.

Brown Packaging is a packaging and design manufacturer, offering a wide array of services related to packaging, design and marketing, including point of purchase displays. A point of purchase display is often one of the best ways to market a new product, since it will be front and centre, often convincing the customer to purchase the displayed product over any similar, competing products.  Not only do point of purchase displays provide a unique display situation for your product, they can also be customized to further promote and market your product and brand.  Our design team will work with you to determine your design preferences, and using colour, logos and other artwork, we will put together a point of purchase display that will work as a silent salesperson, selling your products, and driving your company’s sales up.

Brown Packaging is proud of our long history of serving our valued customers.  We have been an industry leading packaging and design firm for over 40 years, and have been designing and fabricating quality point of purchase displays that assist our clients with promotion, marketing and sales.  At Brown Packaging, we strive to exceed your expectations each time we work with you and deliver on time and on budget.  We proudly serve our valued clients in Burlington, The Golden Horseshoe, the GTA and across Ontario.