Let a Qualified Point of Purchase Display Manufacturer Help Grow Your Business with Unique Marketing Strategies

The purpose of point of purchase displays (POP) is to make products appear professional and appealing to the customer's eye. They are an integral component of successful marketing, but remain invisible to the average consumer. The customer may have a particular product in mind, but often they are drawn to the one which is displayed in a more prominent way. Well designed and manufactured point of purchase displays will draw consumers to one product over another, or even affect the overall appearance of a store.

A point of purchase display can be a simple plastic holder for a card with product information or it can illuminate a banner in an atmospheric light box. Mobile merchandisers, which are freestanding units made from wire, plastic or other materials, are some of the tools being offered by point of purchase display manufacturers, like Brown Packaging. Marketing and design combined with an inventory of point of purchase display products complete a business owner’s marketing needs in one stop. Some companies offer simple solutions for POP displays, including the use of suction cups, poster holders, lobby displays and brochure holders. Our team of design experts at Brown Packaging can work with you to determine your display needs and create the best point of purchase display to promote your products.

Low cost options for point of purchase displays are made by injection molding. These holders use the process of injecting melted plastic into a mold. Sleeker ways to display products will translate to higher costs, but will often draw a customer into the store. There is such a variety of point of purchase displays, and we can assist in finding the best one for your store and your products.

At Brown Packaging we have been working with our customers to help them create quality, effective point of purchase displays for more than 30 years. Brown Packaging proudly serves Burlington, the GTA, the Golden Horseshoe and all of South Western Ontario.