Making a Corrugated Box Beautiful: Tips for Designing the Printing for Your Product Packaging

Have you ever chosen one product over another just because the box looked prettier? Well, chances are you have at some point, at least subconsciously.
Packaging is something you shouldn’t cheap out on as a business. A plain brown corrugated box doesn’t have the same impact as a sleek, creatively designed label. When done correctly, packaging can draw attention to the product and make the customer feel like they made the right decision.
And a major element in product packaging is the design of the label, where most of the graphics, text, and colors come in. Read on for some tips for designing your packaging labels.

Some Basics

First off, you need the right tools for the job. Software like Adobe Illustrator and InDesign are commonly used for packaging design. While Illustrator might be the industry standard, also consider free alternatives like GIMP should your budget be limited.
Next, remember to always include visuals. Graphics can make a boring box into an eye-catching package and gives personality to your product. But keep in mind that space is usually at a premium on most boxes, so don’t be afraid to remove something if the design seems cluttered.

Common Strategies

Depending on the nature of the product and varying target demographics, different companies approach packaging design in unique ways. Here are some tried-and-true approaches that have been successful in the past.
  • Minimalism has made a return in recent years. A minimalistic design can help your product stand out on a shelf of other extravagantly-painted boxes. The meal replacement beverage Soylent, for instance, has prided itself on its simplicity, and its packaging design reflects that with minimal graphics and lots of empty space.
  • Patterns like rows of stripes and collages of stars are commonly used for food products. Sometimes, different colors are used to denote different flavors, like brown and red stripes for chocolate and strawberry-flavored ice cream respectively.
  • Transparent windows, like the ones found on packages of candies. Such features give the customer a direct look at the product’s size and texture. Some companies choose to include an open hole in the box for products like shoe insoles and computer keyboards, where consumers can feel the texture without opening the box.

Color Psychology | Corrugated Boxes

There’s a reason behind every color choice a company uses on its boxes. Colors have subconscious effects on our moods, and you can take advantage of this when designing a label to cover each corrugated box you ship out.

  • Red and orange are bright colors suggesting energy and excitement. Lots of children’s toys use bright colors in their packaging as a result.
  • White suggests simplicity and neatness. Packaging for household cleaning products, scented candles, and soaps tend to use white.
  • Black promotes a sense of luxury and sophistication. You might notice jewelry and fancy chocolates utilizing black.
  • Green is used to signify growth and harmony and is commonly used for nature-focused products like garden hoses.

Font Selection | Corrugated Boxes

Look at any packaged product at the shopping mall. Chances are, it uses a variety of carefully-picked typefaces and font sizes. In general,

  • A large font is used for the product’s name.
  • Details like a list of ingredients are written in a smaller, condensed font.
  • The choice of typeface matches the product well. Cursive, for instance, is great for fancy furniture but not so much for computer components.
  • The packaging overall is easy to read with large readable fonts.

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