Management of Brand POP Displays

With several well known brands sold in retail chains, systems are established for products on shelves and in POP displays to be diligently maintained by brand merchandising reps. Retail sales staff truly appreciate the point of purchase programs brand suppliers provide and manage in-store, especially during the busiest consumer spending quarter of the entire year. Alleviating labour of specific display management allows store employees the ability to better focus on customer service and other in-store merchandising functions. With random restocking duties, retail staff is grateful for the light task of maintenance for specific managed brands. This actually leads to clerks and sales employees being more apt to suggest and promote these brands to shoppers more often than not.

On a Schedule

Typically with brand management programs available to retail franchises, scheduled in-store merchandising of product is maintained on a regular basis by corporate reps and well trained delivery personnel. Store staff need only restock when necessary. Most often, once a week brand reps will perform merchandising duties to ensure ample product supply on shelving units and in stock rooms. Seasonal programs are introduced based on a defined schedule; new items are released in a timely fashion and point of purchase displays are maintained and switched out when required, all without any hassle or labour incurred by store management. This is most appreciated during the vigorously busy retail shopping season.

Keeping up Appearances

Whether your products are involved in a brand management program or not, there’s no mistaking the paramount importance of effective retail merchandising, and product packaging for that matter. Consumer purchasing is at stake, therefore merchandising expenditure is focused on getting product to the cash register. Vying for attention on the shelves or housed in a point of purchase display unit, much thought towards detailed aspects of shopping behavior is taken into consideration when designing for retail sales. As an experienced point of purchase display manufacturer successfully in business for over four decades, we understand the business of effective merchandising design. The display units we design and create with our customers are not only of high quality structural design, they also deliver on optimal creative communication. Optics are crucial, so the visual of your display units must be spot on to garner attention in a mishmash of stimulation on the retail floor.

Location is Everything

It’s one thing to have an effective POP display design, but if it experiences poor placement on the retail floor it actually has the potential to be easily ignored and passed by. Location is everything, especially when it comes to capitalizing on impulse purchasing habits of shoppers. It’s proven that the more time a consumer remains in a store the more money they are likely to spend at the cash register. With impulse purchasing at an all time high during the final quarter of the year and more consumers are enticed to give unique, new and different products and wares to a greater number of people during the holiday season. Impulse purchasing is prominent in places where shoppers’ movement is halted long enough for them to become aware of their immediate surroundings. Standing in line at the check out or waiting to be served at a deli, bakery, pharmacy or any service counter, all make for impulse purchase hot spots where point of purchase displays really get noticed. Waiting shoppers in pause more closely examine their immediate vicinity to pass the time, this allows for perfect attention grabbing potential to entice impulse purchasing activity. In addition, service clerks and sales staff are more apt to suggest products on display in close proximity to them on a countertop or a floor unit display.

Our Expertise Works for You

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