On-the-Spot Sales: The Trends Behind Point of Purchase Displays

Anyone wanting to sell a product can simply plop it down onto a store shelf and hope for buyers, but some advertisers aren’t content with just that. Some go the extra mile by setting up a display shelf right in the store with signs detailing quick facts and special promotions about the product itself. These are called point of purchase displays.

Business owners should definitely consider deploying these POP displays because, despite how much eCommerce has permeated into our livelihoods, over half of Americans still prefer the hands-on experience of shopping in physical stores.
And unlike online advertisements, point of purchase displays present the product directly within arm’s reach of the customer. They offer quick blurbs to encourage the sale and essentially act as cardboard salesmen.

It’s no wonder then why corrugated board displays dominate the market in the US and Europe. But if you’re interested in deploying point of purchase displays for your business, what should yours be aiming to accomplish exactly?

Taking Advantage of the Impulse Buy

84% of shoppers have made impulse purchases before, and the vast majority of those sales were made in a physical store. POP displays are one of the most effective ways to promote that quick purchasing decision made right before checkout. To do so, the ideal display must:
  • Have an eye-catching design. Capital letters and large font will grab consumer attention quickly.
  • Employ color psychology. The colors red and yellow, for instance, can make you feel hungry and thus are best for selling food products. Blue, on the other hand, makes you feel relaxed and might be used to sell air fresheners.
  • Be placed in an optimal location. A company selling children’s toys should position its displays at a child’s eye level whereas a fashion magazine should be held up higher.
  • Vary itself. When you see the same box display every day you visit a store, you stop noticing it eventually. Change the location and design of your corrugated box display every now and again so your shoppers don’t end up filtering it out.

Including the Customer in the Pitch

A certain nighttime relief medication brand has the phrase “Say goodnight to aches and pains” on its point of purchase display. This sort of pitch is effective because:

  • It’s short and can be read at a glance.
  • It promotes a call to action and offers something the customer can participate in and benefit from.
  • It quickly shows the details of the product’s use scenario. The medication is to be taken at night for pain relief.

In other words, the ideal POP display includes the customer’s story in its pitch.

Enforcing the Brand Loyalty

Nowadays, customers want to know more about the story of the product they’re buying. A local coffee shop is sourcing only fair trade coffee? A brand of jackets is donating a percentage of sales to clothing charities? Sounds like a good reason to buy. If you’ve got a selling point like that, include it in your point of purchase display.

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  • A point of purchase display is a popular marketing tactic consisting mostly of an in-store shelf housing the product and a sign advertising it.
  • The best POP displays encourage impulse buys through optimal position, design, and content.
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