Opaque Packaging Like Corrugated Boxes Are Good for Business

A lot of entrepreneurs and small business owners are adamant that their product packaging is transparent so prospective customers can see the products and identify them while in transit. This makes sense from a marketing perspective. The more visible your product is, the greater the potential is that someone will see it and want to buy it. After all, you could have the world’s best product but, if few people know about it, the more-visible competition will be profiting.

You want to maximize the amount of people who will see your product in public. Having a customer carry your product around is an affirmation of the quality of your product, even if the customer just picked it up from your store.

However, just because you want your product packaging to be transparent does not mean that it literally has to be transparent. There are packaging options beyond plastic and large bags. For the best results, you should use corrugated boxes, since your first priority for your products during shipping should be encasing them in packaging that keeps them safe and free from dents, dings, and bangs.

Products get jostled around a lot, even if you use a premium shipping service. It is a fact of the industry. No truck can avoid driving over every pothole. Sometimes, products drop while being handled. You may even drop it accidentally while taking it from the courier. There are many precautionary possibilities that product manufacturers need to keep in mind when designing their packaging. As such, corrugated boxes are a great way to keep your products safe.

In addition, just because boxes are opaque and you cannot see through them does not mean that customers and prospective customers cannot see your product. Take, for example, Apple computers. Their computers are shipped, and can be picked up at the store, in white cardboard boxes. However, Apple also prints images of each specific product and places these images on the sides of its box. The end result is a minimalist design that protects the computer while also advertising the computer just as well as any piece of clear plastic.

You should try to follow Apple’s example and use a similar approach if you want the benefits of using boxes but you also want to ensure that everyone who sees your product’s packaging can also see your product. This is a great solution by Apple that you should implement.

Just because you use a box does not mean you cannot also import the presentation advantages that a clear plastic foil can have for advertising your product. Sometimes, all it takes is a little thinking outside the box in order to combine the advantages of two great solutions.

You can use a similar approach to other facets of product packaging as well. Everything from fonts to colors to the size and shape of boxes has been done by your competition. You just have to do it better.

The best way to do so is to study your competition, study the benefits and disadvantages of their product packaging, and then improve on this packaging in order to provide your customers with a superior product evaluation. After all, packaging can be the difference that helps you make a sale, even if you box your products in cardboard first.

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