Packaging and Design and Giving

Giving is a big part of the holiday season and for most consumers purchasing packaged products means a lot of waste incurred. Recycle bins are packed with discarded packaging and a lot of garbage is made from needless packaging materials that make their way to landfill sites. Packaging and design goes well beyond its’ intended initial use and has the potential to impact future generations. Discerning consumers concerned about the environment tend to lean towards corrugated packaging of products and sometimes of no packaging at all. It is a matter of choice during the purchasing decision process and many find it much easier to deal with corrugated packaging that can be easily and effectively recycled leaving a smaller footprint on the environment. 

Children Are the Future

Children play a huge roll during this time of year, with everyone clamoring to satisfy their little desires and bring heartfelt smiles to their faces. Much of what we gift to children comes in packaging that predominantly becomes waste. That build up of waste will be left on earth for the children to contend with in the future. As more and more consumers become conscious of their purchasing choices and decisions, they consider packaging as a determining factor before taking a product to the cash register. As an experienced packaging and design manufacturer in business for over four decades, we’re noticing more businesses favouring corrugated packaging solutions over plastics.

Packaging & Design Trends

Diminishing the use of plastic materials in product packaging is becoming a growing trend. Not only is it more environmentally responsible to limit our extensive use of plastics, it also proves to be more affordable. Recycling corrugated materials is more economical than the process of recycling plastics. Ease of consumer use and access to product is far greater with corrugated packaging solutions as opposed to the utilization of synthetic plastic materials. Often heard is the frustration of people attempting to release a product from its’ hard plastic packaging, some even injure themselves in doing so. Corrugated packaging rarely ever experiences a complaint at all.

Limiting Restrictions with Corrugated Solutions

You may think that you’re restricted in your product packaging and design by eliminating or curbing the use of plastics, but on the contrary. Corrugate can be manipulated to offer extensive shapes, designs, features and packaged security of internal contents. At Brown Packaging our team of highly innovative structural designers can create practically any type of corrugated product packaging required. Visit our website to see some of our work.     

;New Year New Packaging

In the New Year you may wish to revamp your current packaging or rerelease your product in a new packaged format. We can help you with that. Together we will assess your product packaging needs and address the best creative design moving forward. All of your concerns will be taken into consideration to ensure the best value outcome. Whether you have a single product that requires packaging and design, or an entire line, we can facilitate a successful cost effective solution for your business.

Prospering Together in 2017

We start with your goal, what you seek to achieve, and from there we strive to provide complete satisfaction to garner success. If you’re doing business in Burlington, the GTA, the Golden Horseshoe and across Ontario, contact us to discuss your packaging and design needs. Chances are we have what it takes to facilitate your achieved success. We look forward to prospering with you in 2017!