Packaging and Design for the Season

Are your products flying off the shelves this holiday shopping season? Is your packaging and design effective enough to generate desired sales you seek to achieve? With the festive season in full force, consumers experience limited time, deeper pockets than any other quarter of the year and short attention spans due to message and stimulation overload. Your packaging must be spot on to get your products moving to the checkout counter. This time of year offers manufacturers a fantastic time to evaluate the effectiveness of their product packaging.

The Wish List

There are shoppers this season looking to buy specific items clearly defined on their gift giving list. A certain video game, brand and model of toy or sporting good may be wished for that consumers are in search of to fulfill a child’s yearning. In these cases shoppers hone in on specific items requested, and with children’s desires involved there’s barely room for any deviation. Beyond the specificities, shopping and gift giving extends past wish lists during the thickest retail quarter of the year. Consumers shopping in the spirit of giving will purchase a plethora of items for a large variety of people. At Brown Packaging we are well aware that product packaging is challenged to compete among the vastness of stimuli consumers are bombarded with on the retail floor. For this reason, many customers seek to capitalize on the festive shopping season by designing seasonally specific packaging, sometimes even offering variations of product size and quantity. They may even go so far as to include additional incentives like a gift with purchase contained within the product’s packaging. The potential of options available these days with packaging and design are endless, and it’s often beneficial for businesses to study what competing product lines are offering and presenting during this busy time of year in retail. 

Your Team of Packaging and Design Experts

Big businesses will employ experts that are well versed in consumer trends, marketing strategies and shopping psychology when it comes to packaging and design of their products. Some go as far as conducting focus groups and test cases to ensure their packaging performs at maximum effectiveness to achieve desired sales revenues. As a well seasoned packaging and design manufacturer, we provide our customers with comparable skills, intelligence and innovation that in-house or subcontracted experts offer to big corporations. We’ve got a finger on the pulse of retail merchandising and product packaging and our team of highly talented structural and graphic designers presents customers with optimal avenues of successful packaging and design at cost effective price points. Regardless of the size of your business, your products can be professionally packaged with a corrugated solution that will easily make a successful impression without breaking bank.

Traditions and Customs

Traditions are abundant this time of year, and they run the gamut regardless of what people celebrate. Many traditional practices involve food or decorations that have been passed down through the generations. With these traditions only surfacing once a year, families hold them in high regard and will go the distance to ensure they remain active throughout the passing years. Old customs may take on fresh approaches with younger generations branching off to form their own families, and some may discover new ways to combine customary practices to create their own based on long loved family traditions. Foods and sweet treats, like cookies, candies and chocolates that are purchased and enjoyed once a year bring back childhood memories that people seek to share with their children, family and friends during the festive season. They seek out the products they annually reach for and take comfort in consuming and sharing. Product packaging and design recall and refreshment of traditional treats allow consumers to quickly hone in on their customary delights during their shopping experience. Packaging may change with various updates over the years, but the customary sweetness remains in the products consumers know, trust and appreciate enjoying and sharing among family and friends.   

Wishing You a Prosperous Retail Quarter

If you’re a manufacturer or distributor of products in Burlington, the GTA, the Golden Horseshoe and across Ontario, take this time of year to look at your packaging and design. Is it working effectively for you? Study competitors and the retail environment as a whole while you’re out and about getting your own shopping done. Take note of changes, enhancements and interesting innovation in packaging, and when you’re ready to re-evaluate yours, contact us at Brown Packaging to discover the affordable potential of corrugated packaging solutions for your business. We wish you and your business a prosperous retail quarter.