Packaging and Design Introduces Product

In a world of packaged products available in a plethora of physical retail and online stores, good packaging and design is an integral part of purchasing. Most often the covering or wrapping of an item, at point of purchase and when first opened, speaks as much to the product as the quality of the product itself. Branding begins with the product, and packaging and design acts as an introduction to consumption. First impressions can mean everything, so being mindful of effective design and creation at the get-go will have a positive effect on product sales and brand reputation. Our awareness of the power of good packaging allows us to co-create successful corrugated solutions for our customers, and they appreciate our attention to detail.

Profound Packaging & Design

Prelude to purchase, product packages are often handled many times, and if not appealing or in good condition, item sales can be subsequently neglected. Products that may travel a distance or be handled frequently before landing in the hands of end users most often require strength and durability in packaging.
Some companies will go the distance to profoundly package their products to offer the consumer a robust experience. This is very evident with luxury goods where the unveiling of an item from its package can almost become an event in itself.  For brand ‘junkies’ or those hooked on designer names and symbols, packaging is status driven even if the product itself is completely hidden. Identifying logos on product packaging, like a ‘swoosh’ icon or that of a ‘bitten fruit’, has plenty of traction in generating a statement for consumer consciousness. Regardless of your product, the packaging and design of it will indeed have an impact in some shape way or form, rest assured.

Investing in Us for Our Customers

As a popular packaging and design manufacturer successfully creating cost effective corrugated solutions for customers well over three decades now, we understand the importance of good design and effective construction. Our team encompasses a great deal of experience to draw from which has led to the healthy growth in our talent, skill and innovation. In addition we’ve been able to invest back into our business to provide customers with optimal products at cost effective price points. Our designers are forward thinking, highly creative and ‘in the know’ when it comes to consumer packaging and design trends. Bring us your products, ideas, requirements and let’s team up to co-create corrugated packaging solutions that work effectively to achieve your goals.

We Enjoy Every Order

At Brown Packaging we enjoy the experience with each and every customer when designing and producing corrugated packaging solutions. Each product presented to us offers a wide canvas of packaging possibilities and it really is up to the customer’s requirements and creative ideas for us to hone in on the most effective result. From initial contact with us to the final delivery of quality product, we pride ourselves on our high level of customer service. We truly enjoy what we do therefore we do it well, and we’re pleased to be rewarded with customer satisfaction on all our orders.

We’re Here When You’re Ready

When you’re ready to address product packaging and design for your business, give us a call to speak with an experienced Brown Packaging Rep. We create and supply corrugated solutions for a plethora of businesses in many different industries throughout Burlington, the GTA, the Golden Horseshoe and across Ontario. It would be our pleasure to co-create successful solutions for you.