What Corrugation Is, and Why You Should Purchase Corrugated Containers

It is normal to want to make your packaging the best packaging ever. However, having a multitude of designs and colors cluttering up your packaging may confuse even the most loyal of your prospective customers. If you sell a traditional product or service (but not necessarily old fashioned), like auto repair manuals or kitchen blenders, it may pay off more to have a clean, neat design.

Look at Apple’s computers for inspiration. They come in a white box with a sparse design. This is not accidental. Apple is going for that “retro yet future” tech look that has been popular since the 1970s. George Lucas’s 1971 film, THX 1138, looks gorgeous because of his use of color and contrast. You too can use whitespace to your advantage.

Here is how you can improve your product’s design packaging with whitespace.

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De-clutter your packaging design. Emphasize your product instead.

Start with the most basic of designs. After you have ensured that all essential information, including pictures, is on your packaging, then decide whether you want to expand the design or leave it as is.

There is no issue with leaving a design looking sparse. Sparseness can be a great format for a design, as we alluded to with the Apple and THX examples above. Sparseness simply means that your customers’ focus will be drawn to what matters, which is pictures and text of your product on its own packaging.

Whitespace may not be useful for every company or every product or service being sold on the market, but it may work for you. The only way to truly know is to try.

Sometimes, the Sparsest Packaging and Designs Look the Best

Consider many famous pieces of art around the work. Sure, some artwork is very complex and it celebrated as such. However, other pieces of art are simple, and therefore also attractive. Andy Warhol made a career out of it.

Simply because your competition uses fancy designs, or pushes the envelope with how their packaging looks does not mean that they are right. There is no right or wrong when it comes to design. There is simply preference. Some customers will love a cluttered design. Some may not. It all depends on their subjectivity.

However, if your customers cannot understand the product by looking at its packaging, the sale will be lost regardless. A great product is not replaced by its design. Instead, a great product is elevated by it. Ensure that your designs complement your products, and improve their status on your shelves. Doing so will help you close more sales, and generate more revenues, all due to your experimentation with whitespace.

The End Result Matters A Lot When it Comes to Design

A product’s design is important to get right the first time. Many times, especially with new customers, your packaging will be required to make a first impression in order to close a sale. If a prospective customer does not believe that a specific product can fulfill his or her needs, he or she will choose another one, solely based on the packaging.

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