Packaging and Design Requirements

Packaging and design can easily involve much more than just the basic housing of a SKU. Your product might require additional protection of contents, inclusion of components, booklets of instruction and so on. With the increasingly frowned upon heavy use of plastics and excessive packaging in the consumer marketplace, more interest is growing in corrugated solutions, and at Brown Packaging we excel at devising creations that effect successful results for our customers and theirs.

Corrugated Packaging Solutions

As a packaging and design manufacturer, we possess the skill, experience and innovation to efficiently produce results at cost effective price points to offer our customers beneficial solutions outside of the heavy use of plastics in packaging products. There’s really nothing that cannot be done with the use of corrugated materials and this allows for design innovation in package creation.

The recyclability aspect alone that corrugated solutions provide is more favourable among a growing number of consumers. Heavy use of plastics does not fit in with current consumer consciousness trends. For almost four decades we at Brown Packaging have been working with corrugated construction materials to facilitate the packaging of a wide variety of products in every industry imaginable. We clearly understand from experience that practically anything can be created with our raw materials when solid, effective design is employed. Our highly talented structural designers excel at innovation and creation of quality packaging and design that often exceeds our customer expectations. Visit our website to see some of our packaging solutions. Bring us your product SKUs and let’s co-create optimal packaging design to house and merchandise your items for retail.

One Corrugated Solution Leads to Another

Several of our long standing customers who initially came to us for other corrugated solutions, such as shipping boxes, POP displays or big box retail merchandizing, now have Brown Packaging locked in as their sole packaging and design manufacturer for their entire catalogue of products. Designing for a company’s entire block of SKUs and manufacturing effective construction and imaging that delivers on satisfaction, means repeated orders and customer loyalty. Working relationships like these with our customers allows us the luxury of consistency and brand flow that we can carry throughout all of their corrugated packaging, shipping, merchandising and marketing initiatives.

Package Imaging and Information

Corrugated design and packaging offers a plethora of options in imaging that allows for brand awareness and product information display. Opting for a corrugated solution gives you the opportunity to ‘say more’ on your packaging, offering the end user added value in information, directions and tips for use clearly visible to see prior to purchase. Consumers gravitate towards information and appreciate making effective purchases based on the details provided on product packaging. It allows for confident purchases before the product is even directly interacted with and handled by the end user. This brand interaction generates loyalty, word-of-mouth praise of product and company, and increased sales. At Brown Packaging we enjoy facilitating effective brand interaction that appeals to consumer senses prior to the purchase of a product.

Corrugated Transformations

On occasion we have the opportunity to create some pretty ‘far-out’ packaging and design concepts for our customers. In particular, the ‘transformative’ packaging that allows the product housing to be transformed into something brand relatable but different upon removing the packaged contents.

We Deliver the Goods

Whatever your packaging and design requirements and desires are, at Brown Packaging we take pride and pleasure in facilitating your vision to complete satisfaction. We celebrate and enjoy the success of all our customers in Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, the GTA and throughout Ontario. We are proud of what we create; product excellence to house and move products.