Packaging and Design: The Great Influencer

The packaging and design of a product often influences whether or not we will purchase it. Let us compare knock off brand soda to the king of soft drinks, Coca Cola. The knock off brand has terrible packaging and design aspects. It plainly displays its name, the nutritional information, and relevant company details. How about Coca Cola? The can features a beautiful pattern of silver and red, the trademark brand, and the nutritional information all summed up into a miniature work of art. Which one is compelling? The choice is obvious. Therefore, when you are looking for a packaging and design manufacturer, pick a trusted name like Brown Packaging, not a knock off brand that has low standards. Choose the Coca Cola.

Still, strong packaging and design will not sell a product on its own. You need to find ways to tie elements of the product into the design elements. For example, using the Coke example, they once designed a fountain drink cup that features a see through Coca Cola bottle that appeared full or empty depending on how full the fountain drink was. It was a brilliant packaging and design concept because it engaged the consumer and was useful in the way that it displayed the contents of the cup. Another example of effective packaging and design was the Coors Light blue mountain concept. With this design, the mountain in the logo turned blue when the beer was at the perfect cold drinking temperature.

In the previously mentioned examples of packaging and design, the features may seem silly or useless, but consumers care about what their product can do beyond its expected features. Consumers will buy products that look and feel good. It is important to cater to the needs of your fans and potential customers. The easiest way to achieve this is to find the right packaging and design manufacturer.

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