Packaging and Design: Understanding the Brands behind the Label

When looking at packaging and design, we recommend that you organize your product in a specific hierarchy in order to establish your goals. Brown Packaging is a packaging and design manufacturer and it is our goal to help you understand the packaging and design process.

First, establish the title for your product. Keep it simple and direct. Consumers don’t want to waste their time looking at noisy packaging and design. If a product’s packaging and design is too crowded, it takes away from the potential of the product, and it can lead to lost sales.

Next, focus on your products description. In packaging and design, this is generally accomplished through small descriptive words or imagery. Using a picture, you can tell the story of your product and what its purpose is.
Does your product have a slogan associated with it? Callouts are situational, but certain products or companies require them. A common example would be Nike and their “Just Do It,” or Subway and their “Eat Fresh.”

Next is the logo. All packaging and design for your company must include your logo. It is your identity and it is the single most recognizable facet that your business has to offer.

Lastly, all products must include technical aspects. These technical aspects are the products dimensions, sizes, weight, health facts, and other relevant information that complies with specific laws and regulations. It can be challenging to incorporate the technical aspects into your packaging and design because they are noisy by nature. They take up a lot of space, and in many cases, you would rather use that prime real estate for further branding and identity recognition.

Brown Packaging is a packaging and design manufacturer. We work with our clients to develop a packaging and design concept that suits their needs. We offer our services to clients in Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, the entire GTA, and all of Ontario.