Part 9: Invest in Your Design

Point of purchase displays are an easy way to advertise your business and to increase your exposure. In last month’s blog, we discussed the importance of maximizing the yields of the materials you use. Minimizing waste and increasing the efficiency of your point of purchase displays is important and will help you stay on budget and generate increased sales. Brown Packaging specializes in point of purchase displays and we are dedicated to helping you advertise your business.

Believe in Your Design

When you are looking at point of purchase display manufacturers, ensure that they will work with you and help you develop an advertising plan that is worth investing in.

“Investing in the design process is the best way to ensure your point of purchase display will produce the sales and brand-building results you desire. In too many cases we have seen companies who manufacture their product in China make a poor decision by allowing their factory’s ‘sister factory’ to manufacture their displays,” wrote Carnegie Mellon professor Randy Pausch in 2007.

In order to invest in your design, your business must build point of purchase displays that will last. Use high quality materials, design practices, and place them in locations where they will receive a lot of exposure without the risk of being vandalized. Remember, in busy stores, your displays will be bumped by heavy shopping carts, children will hang off of them, the maintenance guy will hit it with the automatic floor washing machine, and other unforeseeable accidents. Protect your investment by using end caps, freestanding fixtures, durable wood, and other materials that will improve the lifespan of your display.

Another common problem with point of purchase displays is brand piracy. Many companies will try to step in and highjack your display. They will remove your signage, products, and replace them with their own. You will need to ensure that your display is built withstand piracy attempts and you will want to protect the integrity of your brand.

When thinking of design concepts, you must consider why you are building point of purchase displays. There are several important questions to ask and as a business, you must understand why you are investing in a display and you will be asked by point of purchase display manufacturers to provide them with an outline.

Here is a list of questions that you should ask yourself when conceptualizing a display: Do you want a permanent or temporary display? What type of products will you advertise? Will they require a specific facing, how many SKUs, how heavy, and what dimensions? How many shelves and hooks will you need? What color schemes will you use? How long do you want to use the display? What stores will you advertise in?

Answering these important questions will provide you with a better understanding of the process and you will be able to invest in your design with confidence. Once you have tied together your design process, you are ready to approach point of purchase display manufacturers with your idea and to produce your displays. Don’t be stressed out by this step, it can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.

Brown Packaging helps companies design effective point of purchase displays that will lead to increased sales and exposure for their business. POP advertising is cost-effective and worthwhile for businesses that are looking to advertise on a budget. We offer our services to clients in Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, the GTA, and all of Ontario. If you have any questions about our products or services, please feel free to contact us today. We would be more than happy to help you out.