Point of Purchase Displays: A Better Form of Advertising

As a small business owner, you have probably used all sorts of traditional advertising and marketing tools like posters, commercials, and posting on social media. However, these tactics are insular. They have no function beyond advertising and marketing, which reduces their value to nothing in the long-term. If you are using these tools to promote a short-term event like a March Madness Sale, they are only useful once a year.

Like most businesses, you will probably throw out your posters and other advertising mediums, ordering new sets next year instead of keeping them in storage. This is a costly endeavour that, over time, can significantly affect your budget. Instead of doing this, which harms your wallet, you should think about ordering some point of purchase displays, which serve a purpose year-round beyond their use in advertising and marketing your store.

2 Reasons Why Point of Purchase Displays are Better for Business

Increase Your Store Space

Small business owners often do not feel they have enough store space at their disposal. As a result, they may find themselves ordering less inventory or packaging from their suppliers than they need. Placing a point of purchase display outside your store is a great way to entice customers to enter your store by showing them the inventory they could purchase, and these displays also help you extend your store space by freeing up valuable shelving space for the more important or in-demand inventory you peddle.

Using point of purchase displays is an economical and effective way to advertise your discounts, or even your brand, while increasing their usefulness beyond the particular promotion they are selling. If you choose to use displays to market certain inventory or advertise a specific event, you can always obscure its advertising labels by placing it next to a shelf or in the corner. Point of purchase displays are therefore a great investment to increase store space, and to remain useful after promoting a specific promotion or event.

Point of Purchase Displays Are More Useful

Points of purchase displays provide more utility to you than the more traditional advertising formats. You cannot reuse a social media tweet, or a commercial, or a poster, but you can reuse your point of purchase displays. These displays can be used as a means to extend your storefront outside, freeing up interior shelf space so you can hold more inventory. They also grab customers’ attention while they are waiting in line at the cash register, and you can make more sales by stocking your displays with those last-minute items every customer needs, like batteries or cans of soda.

Point of purchase displays are also great for dispensing free samples to your community in a bid to attract more customers to your store. Interested customers will take a free sample, window shop and, if they like what they see, will enter your store to inquire about your products and prices. By using a point of purchase display to dispense free samples, you are more likely to increase your sales revenue as well.

Since they hold stock, point of purchase displays are intrinsically more useful than a poster, for instance. After they have fulfilled their primary function of advertising, the side benefits of using a point of purchase display become much more important in the long-term. Besides extending your store space outside your shop, you can also use point of purchase displays to increase your shelf space, or hold smaller or less-popular inventory. There are no limits to what you can do with a point of purchase display.

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