Point of Purchase Displays: A Great Way to Attract Sponsors

There are many reasons why store owners and operators purchase point of purchase displays. You may want to increase the efficiency of customer pathways through your store. You may want to direct customers’ attention to specific products near the cashier’s station. You may be using point of purchase displays to increase the efficiency of your store’s shelf space. However, one reason business owners do not purchase point of purchase displays, but why they should, is to attract store sponsors from the local community.

You Can Choose How Your Point of Purchase Displays Look

Many point of purchase displays are purely situated to advertise the products each display is hosting. You may have seen them in convenience stores. Candy or soda will be placed on a display that proudly shows off the manufacturer of the products. You can do the same for your store sponsors. This is a great way to add another revenue stream to your business and reduce your advertising expenses at the same time if you have a similar arrangement with your sponsors.

How Using Sponsorship with Point of Purchase Displays Can Work

There are two ways a local sponsor can benefit from advertising in your store. The first way is to simply stock their products in a point of purchase display that advertising the face of their company, their logo, slogan, or some other indication on their company on it. You may even be able to purchase their items under market value due to the service you are providing them, if you are not making much money from their sponsorship.

The second way to use sponsorship in a point of purchase display is for them to “endorse” a product you carry, if not their own. That way, you do not have to purchase more inventory than you would like, and you can still benefit from sponsoring other businesses in the local community. You may even be able to replicate your arrangement in your sponsors’ businesses as well, depending on how successful it is.

The Vital Step to Implement

Contact potential sponsors before you decide to order a display from a point of purchase display manufacturer. You want to be certain that the display is perfect. If a sponsor is on the fence and ultimately decides not to sponsor your store or products, you have now lost money because the display is incorrect and you do not have their sponsorship. Although having a signed contract is ideal, you may decide you want to start ordering point of purchase displays when you have a written agreement instead. You should consult with your lawyer for such business dealings to ensure you receive a fair deal. 

The End Result of Point of Purchase Display Sponsorship

There is a Swedish proverb: Many streams make a river. Memorizing this simple proverb can provide immense benefit to your small business. Increasing your revenue streams is always a good thing. However, reducing the amount of expenses you have to pay is great as well. The less expense “streams” you have, the smaller that “river” will be. Point of purchase display sponsorship is a great way to achieve both.

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