Point of Purchase Displays are a Great Source of Free Advertising Space

Here is a common scenario that you may have experienced in the past. Many store owners and operators have.

You need more advertising space. However, your store walls and shelves are full of products and there is little room to hang posters. You have some point of purchase (POP) displays but you are using them to stock merchandise. What is a store owner to do? Luckily, there is a solution involving POP displays. In their own right, they are very effective advertising mediums.

When writing about POP displays in the past, we have usually written about their shelving space, the use as a tactic to sell merchandise, and their strategic placement in store to help direct customers to desirable merchandise. However, there is another use for POP displays that we will cover in this post: the use of POP displays as a free source of advertising space.

The best advertisers do something different. While everyone zigs, they zag and dare to do something different. Tommy Hilfiger is a famous fashion designer who made his start by innovating how billboards sell fashion. Instead of showing a picture of a famous model wearing his clothes, Tommy instead advertised his name alongside other famous fashion designers, even though he had no star power at the time.

His lack of star power made him interesting, and people started buying his clothes. You too can use Tommy’s example to innovate with your advertising.

Why Should You Use Point of Purchase Displays to Advertise Your Goods and Services?

In advertising, at least one thing is certain: space is limited. The limitations of space means that advertising and marketing offices need to develop posts, buttons, stickers, and other advertising materials that can fit and be installed on smaller surface areas like boxes and packages. However, with the use of POP displays, this all changes for the better. 

How Can I Use Point of Purchase Displays More Effectively?

The main parameter that you need to consider is surface area. The larger surface area your POP display has, the more space you have to advertise. Now, of course, you cannot advertise on the bottom of the display, as it will be placed on the floor.

Instead, look at how wide and tall your POP display is. Consider how much side space you have. Consider whether you can use the top of the POP display to advertise as well. The more space you have, the less limitations you have to advertise.

Consider Which Advertisements to Include on Your Point of Purchase Displays

Not all advertisements are created equal. Some are better than others, especially when considering the type of POP displays you install in your store. Selling children’s trinkets in a POP display means that you can effectively use the surface area of the display to sell school supplies.

However, it would not be as effective to use the surface area to advertise cologne, since the demographics for cologne and children’s trinkets are different in age, and not related in any way.

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