Point of Purchase Displays Escalate Your Company's Marketing Strategy

If you are trying to step up your company’s marketing strategy with a new and innovative advertising display, a point of purchase display might be the right fit for you.  A Point of purchase display presents product, service and brand information to your clients. Timing and placement of the displays are important since consumers often make last minute purchasing decisions at the checkout counter.

Brown Packaging is an experienced, trusted point of purchase display manufacturer. We manufacture a wide range of different point of purchase displays, including counter and floor displays.  Our knowledgeable design team will work with you to create a customized point of purchase display that will capture the essence of your brand or product and promote it to your potential customers.  We will ensure placement is optimal and provide you with information and advice that will help you expand your marketing strategy to include the perfect point of purchase display for your products.

It has been shown that people will more often buy the same product from a three-dimensional point of purchase display rather than from a typical store shelf.  Customers are attracted to quality displays that highlight your products.  These professional-looking displays create a great first impression of not only your product, but your company.  Displaying product in unusual ways promotes customer interest and encourages a purchase.

Made from recyclable and sustainable material, our point of purchase displays are delivered flat and can be easily assembled.  Brown Packaging has been designing and creating point of purchase displays for our valued customers since 1979.  Proudly serving Burlington, the GTA, the Golden Horseshoe and South Western Ontario.