Point Of Purchase Displays in 2017

How were your sales last quarter during the active consumer spending season? Were your products flying off the shelves to the cash register or did your brand not get the intended attention on the retail floor? It’s a good time to reflect and consider maximizing the potential of your merchandising strategy for 2017. Point of purchase displays can be a most effective retail tool to drive consumer purchasing at any time of year, and at Brown Packaging we create merchandizing designs that have the ability to drive your products right out the door. Have a look at our website to see a handful of display units we’ve created and consider contacting us with the vision you seek to achieve in retail this year.

Keeping up the Good Design Year After Year

Do you have everything in place to attract the consumer attention required to drive the purchasing of your products? Are you realizing that you could really benefit from a little expert assistance to achieve your goals in an aggressive marketplace? Consider consulting an experienced point of purchase display manufacturer for expert advice on successful corrugated merchandising solutions. We’ve assisted many brands with their in-store marketing programs by producing valuable merchandising units that get the job done. Many of our customers rely on us year after year to keep up the good design and continue to provide them with effective goal achievement on the retail floor. Our designers have the innovative mindset to manipulate corrugate linerboard to create practically anything our customers can envision. From basic sturdy construction to units comprised of all the ‘bells and whistles’, creativity is the name of the game in designing corrugated merchandising solutions.

Combat Bullying on the Retail Floor

Is your product a victim of bullying in the marketplace? With so much competition vying for shoppers attention, is your brand even being noticed?! Are your goods having an issue with fitting in on the retail floor? Shelf space real estate in some store environments may have your products pushed off to the side or out of shopper eye-lines. Maybe it’s time for some serious thought about a point of purchase display. Corrugated merchandising solutions could save the day and get your product the recognition it deserves. POP displays that speak to consumer impulse purchasing habits are effective instigators for increased sales revenues. If it’s your first time off the shelf and you’re not ready to commit the expenditure, start basic with one of our standard floor or countertop models. Maybe consider some modest printing on one of our basic catalogue designs or step out in a grand way with your own custom designed display unit.

Boost Your Sales in 2017

As a growing, successful business, a fresh new calendar year may have you reflecting with a few questions. ‘What are we doing right and where can we improve?’ Taking a look at your retail merchandising and any in-store marketing initiatives is a good place to start. Consider your options, the prospective opportunities available, crunch some numbers and discover new potential improvements that may be the ticket to further boost sales in 2017. Our intelligent, experienced and talented team at Brown Packaging can assist you with achieving your goals this year. Give us a call.

Your Goals Are Our Achievements

Bring us your goals, your vision, your products and allow us the opportunity to showcase them in their best light on the retail floor. If you’re a business in Burlington, the GTA, the Golden Horseshoe or throughout Ontario you will most certainly benefit from having a well seasoned, full service corrugated solutions provider like us on your team. We are solutions driven and our success stems from our customer satisfaction on every order. We look forward to your success in 2017!