Point of Purchase Displays: The Best Promotional Store Feature

If you do not own or utilize point of purchase displays in your store, you should. These displays can offer many benefits to you and your store when you are attempting to promote a holiday or civic event, and they can be used and setup in a variety of ways. Even if you think point of purchase displays are out-dated, you can always update them with new innovations like QR codes.

Here, in more detail, are three reasons why point of purchase displays are the best promotional store feature you can invest in.

Modernize an Old Innovation

Point of purchase displays are great at attracting the attention of customers while they are window-shopping, browsing shelves, trying to find items they want, or waiting in line to pay at the cash register.

However, simply because point of purchase displays have been around forever does not mean they are no longer useful or innovative. You can always update an old product and create a new innovation. With point of purchase displays, you can add online promotional discounts available to customers, who can take advantage of such deals by scanning QR codes on the display with their smartphones. There are so many ways to innovate with point of purchase displays. You just have to use your imagination. 

Capitalize on Important Holidays

Some holidays are better known than others, depending on your location and the culture of your community. Everyone knows of Christmas. However, not everyone knows of, or celebrates, Labor Day or Arbor Day. When you order a point of purchase display, ensure you use it to its maximum effectiveness by decorating it for the most popular holidays. Customers will be more interested in the display, as well as the merchandise you stock it with.

However, you can take advantage of more than holidays with your point of purchase displays. Point of purchase display manufacturers can design and ship point of purchase displays to match a variety of different occasions. If, for instance, your local community is celebrating the 100th year of a book club, you might want to take advantage of the event by ordering a book-shaped display and stock it with pencils, erasers, workbooks, and office equipment. Customers will be appreciative of your efforts and they will be more likely to purchase the merchandise as a result.

Divert Customers’ Attention from Other Areas

This sounds counter-intuitive, however, diverting your customers’ attention can be a good thing. If, for instance, you are participating in Boxing Day sales and you know your store will be busy all day, you can use point of purchase displays to distribute sought-after merchandise around the store. This will prevent a glut of shoppers from congregating around a specific area. Too many people in one area can lead to the potential for injury to occur. For instance, in a crowd, other shoppers could push a young shopper accidentally into a corner or wall.

You can also use such displays to ensure your customers follow a specific path around your store. By creating a path around your store, customers will be less likely to bump into each other and injure themselves or each other. The last thing we want is for customers to be unsatisfied or hurt in your store.

As a quality point of purchase display manufacturer in Burlington, Ontario, Brown Packaging can design and manufacture point of purchase displays for your business. Small business owners in the Golden Horseshoe, and across the GTA, should consider purchasing point of purchase displays for their stores, especially around the holidays. To place an order, or to view more information, please visit us at our website today.