Point of Purchase Displays: The Freestanding Floor Display

In most popular stores, you will see the most common form of point of purchase displays, the freestanding floor display.  Most of the wok completed by point of purchase display manufacturers revolves around creating freestanding floor displays. Brown Packaging excels in the creation of point of purchase displays that directly cater to the needs of our clients.

Freestanding floor displays are the most dominant form of point of purchase displays because they are constructed on their own and they exist in their own personal section of a store. This means that consumers are directly influenced by these types of point of purchase displays. In addition, freestanding floor displays are decked out in graphics that are visually stimulating. Images are an important tool that point of purchase display manufacturers take advantage of when creating point of purchase displays. They speak directly to the consumer and they command their attention. It also helps develop a sense of brand recognition as consumers will become familiar with a particular brands images, graphics, style, and overall design.

The key to point of purchase displays is engaging impulse buyers. These types of shoppers are highly influenced by freestanding floor displays because these they are more willing to buy a product based on how they feel upon a first impression. Point of purchase displays heavily rely on first impressions. However, they also have the advantage of having their own personal space in a store. When a consumer sees a product on a point of purchase display, they won’t always have something to compare it to and if they feel compelled, they may make the purchase without any other interaction. Point of purchase displays excel in these types of situations.

Unlike other point of purchase display manufacturers, Brown Packaging works hard to satisfy the needs of our clients. Our point of purchase displays benefit from the exceptional talents of our design team. If you are interested in our point of purchase displays, please feel free to contact us today. We offer our services to clients throughout Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, the GTA, and all of Ontario.