Point of Purchase Displays: Tips and Guidelines to Follow

Point of purchase displays are effective, so find the right point of purchase display manufacturers to bring your brand to life. Brown Packaging excels at bringing your brand to life because we have been creating point of purchase displays for many years.
In order to generate useful results from your point of purchase displays, it is important to know your retailers. Are there specific rules and conditions that they impose? For example, they may not allow you to use certain colors, slogans, or sizes for your point of purchase displays.

Appeal to your consumers through your point of purchase displays. Perhaps your display focuses on the healthy benefits of your product. Consumers will find a plain text ad boring, and it will likely turn them away from the product. However, if you add a cheerful picture of a healthy and happy child, it will help you sell your product, as parents will believe that your product is going to make their kid look and feel the same.

Point of purchase displays heavily rely on location for their success. It is important to place your point of purchase displays in an area that will generate sales. Many shoppers will make purchases based on the section of the store that they are in. Tap into that potential.

Finally, accessibility is paramount. If your point of purchase displays are too challenging to access, they will fail. If consumers struggle to pull your products off of the display, they will choose something else that is easier for them to grab.

Brown Packaging isn’t like other point of purchase display manufacturers. We have been working with point of purchase displays for a long time. We offer our services to clients in Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, the entire GTA, and all of Ontario.